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Review: Cosmeceutique Anti-Aging & Skin Fairness Lotions

Call it patriotism, call it blind faith in indigenous ideas, I just can’t resist any local brand. Even sitting here in Do-Buy, the mecca of consumerism and home to two annual festivals that celebrate shopping, I yearn for made and available in Pakistan. My family of course does not get it. But for now let me introduce you to Cosmeceutique, a cosmecueticals company that carries a line of herbal based, bio-optimized skin care. Their sun block, with a whopping SPF 50 is also paraben free.
I was more keen on trying out its anti-aging and skin fairness line though. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t subscribe to the ‘only fair are lovely, successful lasses’ fad. However motherhood and ensuing duties have seen me ignore my skin care routine resulting in adull, tired complexion so much that I avoid staring at myself in the mirror any longer than 25 seconds. It gets scary soon after. 

So Cosmeceutique is a brand launched by BioVista, a Pakistani company and their website claims:
• A complete range of premium quality natural cosmeceuticals addressing the most common skincare needs
• Best quality formulations with patented technology ensuring rapid and complete absorption
• Pure natural ingredients bio-optimized for consistent effectiveness
• Safe and tested for being hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types
• Visible functional benefits with recommended use
• Researched and formulated in USA
• Excellent results in Pakistani population with thousands of satisfied user

They have roped in Mahnoor Baloch, one of Pakistan’s most beautiful actresses to be their brand ambassador. Don’t be fooled by their promotional pics though, they tend to overuse Photoshop to make a striking face into airbrushed into eeeeeksdom.
They offer free shipping anywhere in Pakistan so I ordered the Anti-Aging and Skin Fairness lotions for myself, an Anti-Aging for my sister and their Wrinkle Control lotion for my mother’s mature skin. 
I only got my stash last month when my folks were visiting  me. Before that sis and Ma had started using their lotions and were pleased with the results.
My sister has a laugh line  that had deepened into a wrinkle (or so she thought). With regular use  of Anti-Aging, she says she has seen improvement in her laugh lines, as in, they are not deepening any more and on  their way out. So Yay!
Mother’s experience  has been positive too, her regular beautician also told her that her skin texture seemed better, and tighter since last time. Another rec.
Now for my review:
Cosmeceutique Anti-Aging:
Smells divine, packaged in easy to use 50 gms tube and says:

An innovative product, which erases the signs of aging and gives a youthful glow and vibrant appeal by:
• Delaying appearance of visible signs of aging
• Reducing wrinkles and fine lines
• Protecting skin’s elasticity and tone
• Protecting skin against free radicals, UV radiations and pollutants 
                      Ingredients & How they Work?                         
Co-enzyme Q10: Boosts skin repair and regeneration while aiding in the prevention of free radical damage caused by exposure to environmental elements.
Ursolic acid: Prevents and improves the appearance of wrinkles and age spots by restoring the skin’s collagen bundle structures and its elasticity and makes skin stronger, smoother, and much younger-looking.
Oleanolic acid: Has anti oxidant, anti fungal properties, which helps to improve texture and integrity of skin.
Rosemarinic Acid: Has powerful antioxidant, also purifies the skin and keeps skin smooth, fresh and clean.
Xymenynic acid: Has excellent anti-inflammatory effects and skin condition and anti ageing benefits and possesses tremendous rejuvenating properties.

Did I like it: Why yes! The best part is that it is a non-oily formulation and with a gel-like consistency, is absorbed easily. Priced at just 540 PKR, when most anti-aging creams are upwards of a thousand, this is one great product. It can double as a light daytime moisturizer too. Which brings me to the only con: it should have day and night variations with the night-time lotion packing in more restorative punch. And they should ship globally!

Cosmeceutique Skin Fairness Lotions
A specially formulated product, which gives visibly illuminated, fairer and brighter skin complexion by:
•Controlling melanin production
• Nourishing skin to make it radiant and bright
• Protecting against harmful UV radiations
• Creating an even color tone, leaving the skin soft and smooth
• Helping in maintaining fair and blemish free skin with regular use          
Ingredients & how they Work?

Umbelliferin (Coriander Seed): Provides intense hydration and protection from skin ageing and helps in prevention of oily skin, blackheads and skin impurities.
Licorice CG: Skin whitening, anti-inflammatory properties and acts as an antimicrobial and antioxidant agent to keep skin healthy and fairer.
Tetrahydrocurcuminoids: Minimizes the UV-induced signs of photo-aging and pigmentation, leaving skin blemish-free and youthful.
Tetrahydropiperine: Provides fast and evenly absorption of the product’s active compounds to the skin, which works deep within the skin ensuring promised results.
Final Say :I can’t say much about the fairness claim but I have noticed a more polished and evened out skin tone. And like other lotion, this too is non-oily, fast absorbing with a pleasant smell. And it does not leave a pasty white face as result either. I would buy it again, and again.
Now if only they shipped to Dubai. My stash of both is  ending and I need to get more supplies and also try their Under Eye Gel.

Much love,

Mascara mom.

and now in the end i am leaving you with Mahnoor , brand ambassador's Totally photo shopped picture . What were they thinking? 
and fuuny part is , people on their facebook page actually address to mahanoor as she is managing their facebook fan page.
But do check out their page for special offers and Giveaways.

This post is written by Glossicious  wonderful , talented Guest Blogger: AKA Mascara MOM


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