Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OPI Nail Lacquers - Now Available in Pakistan

Yes you heard me, OPI is now available in Pakistan. I have only few details right now. But i will update you as soon as i get some more information about availability of shades .OPI manicure products are not for retail, but you could get your manicures and pedicures by OPI done at all leading salons and spas in Pakistan!

Places you can buy OPI nail lacquers  ??? Jump

Places you can buy OPI nail lacquers are as below

Karachi :Nail Lacquers are available at Aghas, Amis and Naheeds super store.

Lahore:OPI Nail Lacquers will be available at Al-Fatah shortly. You can visit any of your leading salons/spas for now like Toni & Guy, Nina G, Split Ends and Madeeha's.
Update:OPI manis and pedis are also available at La Signature, a salon in Lahore.Thanks to ChickLitGirl for this information

Islamabad Islamabad D.Watson.The F-10 branch (Thanks to lovely reader Rabia for this information)

Price : approx800/rs  which isn't such a bad deal keeping in mind that we pay rs 225 for Luscious polish, which becomes little gloppy after sometime.

These nail lacquers are available at Roohis Spa, Blue Rain spa, Pengs salon, Essensuals Toni & Guy, Mirrors Salon, Neelos in Karachi
Nirvana Spa Islamabad and Toni & Guy Lahore. 

If you bought OPI in Pakistan , let me know the place and city and i will update the list :)

Damn it why i live i small town , where i cant get these. i need to get my butt to Lahore after they launch OPI at alfatah and grab .Thanks to lovely reader Rabia for letting me know about OPI availability in Pakistan and then i went mad searching for places and rest of the information)

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  1. OMG!OMG!really??thanks for the are the best

  2. OPI manis and pedis are also available at La Signature, a salon in Lahore.
    I've got it done from there. :)

  3. seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...thanks for telling reallyyyyyyyy

  4. Awww Sarah! thanks for the mention... i am planning on going to D.Watson to get me an OPI nail polish tomorrow how about i write down all the shade names for you!!!

  5. OMGG thankyou soo MMUCCH!!
    I'm going there in November annd hopefully i'll be able to purchase some (:
    Lovee youu

    xx nazisshh <3

  6. okay so heres the list!!

    The 'it' color
    Got the Blues for Red
    Purple with a Purpose
    Happy Anniversary
    Java Mauve
    Atomic Orange
    Dating a Royal
    Light my Sapphire
    No Spain no Gain
    Chicago Champagne Toast
    Smokin' in Havana
    Green-wich village
    Cajun Shrimp
    Fiji Weejee Fawn
    Barefoot in Barcelona
    Melon of Troy
    Strawberry Margarita
    Opi Red
    Dusk over Cairo
    Aphrodite's Pink Nightie
    Chocolate Moose
    Can you Tapas This
    Silent Mauve
    Nomads Dream

    then there are a few base coats and top coats and a pure white!!

  7. oh my God, thank you so much Rabia. you rock girl

  8. well opi is still not available in al-fatah lahore!! i checked just 3 days ago!! =/

  9. Ohh myu god such a lovely colors hope i can get this one buy toamrrow thanks a lot


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