Thursday, September 2, 2010

Liz Earle's Botanical Shine Haircare range

Liz Earle website says: We've taken our 15 years of botanical skincare expertise and used it to create a gentle yet effective haircare range. Simple and fuss-free, it is all you need for touchably-soft, ultra-smooth hair that shines with health every day.
Just like our multi award-winning Cleanse & Polish, we've kept things simple by creating one
Botanical Shine Shampoo which works on all hair types. We've followed this with three high-performance Botanical Shine Conditioners, each bursting with the finest botanicals to give just the right amount of hydration for your hair type - leaving locks detangled, glossy and ready to style.

The Liz Earle Naturally Active Haircare range takes a simple yet effective approach to hair care
that has a unique revolutionary, ‘suits-all’ botanical formula shampoo and 3 performance-led
creamy conditioners, each to suit specific hair types.

Botanical Shine Shampoo
We’ve kept things simple with one shampoo, which gives outstanding
results on all hair and scalp types, just like the iconic
Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser works for all skin types. Taking
the guesswork out of hair care, we’ve used our botanical expertise to
create one high performance, plant-based shampoo that’s SLS and
SLES free, using innovative, naturally derived gentle cleansers for a
rich, creamy lather that performs and feels like a professional shampoo.
Botanical Shine Shampoo is a high performance, colour safe
formulation containing over 89% naturally derived ingredients
including natural vitamin E, aloe vera, and West African shea butter,
to gently cleanse without stripping. Apple and orange extracts restore
natural shine, while 8 essential oils leave your hair smelling clean and
200ml, £7.50
Botanical Shine Conditioners
Each conditioner works in harmony with our Botanical Shine Shampoo to leave hair detangled,
glossy and ready to style. Each of the 3 conditioners contains over 95% naturally derived
ingredients including Kenyan yangu oil for its moisturising properties, apple and orange extracts to promote shine, 100% naturally derived fragrance, and blue seakale to help keep your hair colour-safe.
Rare in Britain, blue seakale is native to our island home. The seakale we use in our Botanical
Shine Conditioners is grown in France where the leaves are harvested by hand from sustainable plantations to protect the wild population of this endangered marine plant.
Our yangu oil is pressed from seeds hand-collected by forest tribe community groups in Kenya, trained in sustainable forest work. By placing a value on yangu trees in their native environment, we helps stop the trees being chopped down for wood or charcoal, which also helps preserve the local flora and fauna associated with them. Around 250 people collect the yangu seed, more than 80% being women. Each supports an average of 5 people, so more than a thousand people benefit from the collection of yangu seed.
In addition, each high performance formulation contains carefully selected ingredients to offer
optimum conditioning for your hair type:

Botanical Shine Conditioner for Oily Hair:  
Specially formulated for
oily hair this ultra-light conditioner contains black cohosh to provide
finely balanced conditioning leaving dull, limp or lifeless hair revitalised,
volumised and feeling full of life.
200ml, £7.50
Botanical Shine Conditioner for Normal Hair: 
Specially formulated for
normal hair, this creamy conditioner contains meadowfoam oil which
provides optimum conditioning without excessive heaviness to leave
normal hair glossy, hydrated and in perfect condition, ready to style. Our
meadowfoam seed is grown by a cooperative of farmers in Oregon. By
growing meadowfoam as a rotational crop, the lawn seed farmers are able
to reduce their use of herbicides and eliminate the practice of field burning
that previously damaged the environment.
200ml, £7.50
Botanical Shine Conditioner for Dry or Damaged Hair: Specially
formulated for dry or damaged hair, this ultra-rich conditioner contains
West African shea butter to give rich, luxurious conditioning leaving
hair hydrated, under control and touchably-soft and smooth. Our West
African shea is from the Tung Teiya Women’s Shea Association in
Ghana where shea harvesting provides direct benefit to some of the
globe’s poorest communities. 450 women generate income from
harvesting shea and in the process value and conserve their ecosystem.
200ml, £7.50
How to use:
Wet hair thoroughly, massage to a rich lather – a little shampoo goes a long way. If needed add
more water for more lather. Rinse and repeat if required. Follow with Liz Earle Botanical Shine
Conditioner for your hair type. Massage into clean, wet hair applying to mid lengths and ends.
Rinse thoroughly. This hair care system is for everyday use by all the family.

This  long-awaited new haircare range will be launching direct channels
today & It also goes on sale in its flagship London store and from its island store on the Isle of Wight simultaneously on 2nd September, followed by John Lewis on 6th September at the price of £7.50 for 200ml.  There will also be travel-size bottles available at £4 each.


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