Friday, September 3, 2010

EOS- Lip blam that makes you smile

 If Chuck Bass loves them I am sure i am gonna love them too

 You (and your wallet) are gonna love them too, they are so affordable!

* lemon drop spf 15
* honeysuckle honeydew
* summer fruit
* sweet mint

 I am tempted to get Lemon drop, i love everything zesty
 Gah ! i will have to wait until December .

Do you own one of these? Which flavor is your favorite?
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  1. lol! wow i never knew chuck bass aka ed westwick uses lip balm, let along EOS lip balm xD

  2. hehe, I have the honeysuckle one. It's not too bad as a lip balm. And I can see why a guy would like it. a) it doesn't look like a lipstick and b) it doesn't leave a shiny film on the lips
    I'm only annoyed that it contains beeswax, which I'm kinda allergic to. So, I'd get bumps if I use this for a long time

  3. Wow..I dunno if chuck bass used it :D..

    Me too..have been longing for this lipbalm,maybe on December too since the seller here open the pre-order for EOS lipbalm every 2 months.I love the color of sweet mint packaging-a tosca one(while actually i don't like minty scent),dunno what to choose.. :/

  4. I'm so tempted to get this, although I'm not a lipbalm person!


  5. chuck bass loves them??? then i ve got to have them :)

  6. Awww... I have one :-) Thanks to Rashmi for that..yay!!

  7. hmmm lip balm sounds yummy where can i get it from?

  8. I so wanted to try this amazing lip balm but unfortunately EOS does not ship these items to pak :(


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