Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coastal Scents 26 Shadow Blush Combo Palette-Review & Swatches

Do you like palettes ? Are you looking for some really nice mix of shimmer , pearl and matte eyeshadows?  Or something with nice wearable shades of blushes?

Then Read on Jump Ahead

 What it is:

 Superb colors in a mix of shimmer, pearl and matte! This 26 pc combo set contains colors in nearly nude, to browns, taupes, peaches, pinks, rose and rich deep plums. We do not offer another color palette that can compare to this one in shades.

The first 3 blush shades from the left are matte, the 4th has shimmer and the last deep plum has a slight shimmer effect. (Source)

Price: $19.95
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This is my first ever Coastal scents Palettes, matter of face first ever decent makeup palette. I have one from some not-so-famous brand but i never liked it. It was so chalky but pigmented.
I was interested in The Coastal Scents Hot Pots   because i read so many reviews where it was said that coastal scents hotpots are MAC eyeshadow dupes.I hardly wear any eye makeup ,s o i didnt want to spend moneys on MAC eyeshadow which by the ways costs like rs 1900 rs (approx $18) in Pakistan.
 Its the best palette for you if you are looking for something neutral , with some gorgeous shades for night looks.I love shimmer, i really do , but there are somedays when you want a subtle look without shimmer or glitter , then worry no more, Coastal Scents 26 Shadow Blush Combo Palette has some amazing matt eyeshadows as well.
I would happily say that its a palette with good mix of shimmer and matt, as well as some pearl finish eyeshadow.
The eyeshadows are indeed creamy , blend able ,rich, and you get so many shades to chose from.
The Blushes in this Palette are gorgeous, There are 5 blushes and all of them are soft , pigmented and easily blend able .The color payoff is incredible and they blend  well creating very alluring looks from deep and sexy to light and ready for office day wear.

Here are some shades in the this palette which are comparable to MAC eyeshadows.

Coastal Scents S36 = MAC Amber Lights
 Coastal Scents S31 = MAC Pink Papillon
Coastal Scents S32 =  MAC Say Yeah
Coastal Scents S33 = MAC Texture
Coastal Scents S34 =  MAC Bold & Brazen
Coastal Scents S35 = MAC Satin Taupe

Blush :

Coastal Scents B04 Dupe of MAC Melba
Coastal Scents B05 Dupe of MAC Sweet As Cocoa

Final say: I love this palette, i am sure i will be going for this one for most of my looks, its so handy,I love how it’s eye shadows & blushes in ONE. I can take it anywhere when i travel.
I love coastal scents and this fact that i have never had any problem with. I can't wait to put my next order in. 

For more information and Purchase, visit Coastal Scents!

Update : Swatches uploaded on sep 25

Swatches in no patrticular order

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  1. i have the same palette and it is in such heavy rotation in my makeup routine. I have been on a neutral kick lately and its just been working out for me!!!

  2. I have the 28 neutral palette from CS and use it a lot surprisingly even on my bridal clients. I like the quality glad to see you are enjoying it.

  3. are they chalky? is there a lot of fall out when u apply?

  4. i have this palette as well so glad to know there are so many MAC dupes

  5. wow lovely! amazing pigmentation. its time for my coastal scents splurge!!!

  6. have u used any primer while doing swatches????

  7. @aneela
    these are without any base or primer

  8. Quite pigmented :)

    eyes pay apply ker k dekha ,primer k bagair kassa result hai aur primer k sath kassa hai???

  9. yeah i often use this palette. shadows are great


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