Thursday, August 12, 2010

Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. III & Naked Palette

 Guess who is a proud owner of Urban decay naked palette ??
Moi !!
My hubby , was so sweet and he ordered Urban decay naked palette for me as soon as it was back in stock on sephora.  I guess he was tried of listening to my explanation that what eyeshadows are and how Urban decay Alice in wonderland was being sold at $200 on ebay.
I will get my hands on it as soon as he comes to Pakistan , i don't want to risk Naked palette , as I had lost packages issue in past. I can surely wait :)
and for now , i am done with any palette shopping , no more makeup for me. Thank you .
But Urban decay fans out there , Here is a little info on Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. III

"Mark your calendars. Saturday August 28th, 1PM - 9PM Sephora Time Square (1500 Broadway, NY 10036) - Urban Decay will be previewing our highly-anticipated Book of Shadows Vol. III - Urban Decay hearts NYC. For one day, only 1000 pieces of the limited-edition item will be available for purchase exclusively at this location

As a tribute to NYC, Urban Decay will be hosting a one-day, sneak peek event at Sephora Times Square (1500 Broadway, #304) on Saturday, August 28th from 1 to 9PM where 1,000 pieces of the limited edition Book of Shadows Vol. III will be available for purchase on a first come, first served basis (limit 3 per person) The... first 200 die-hard fans will also receive a limited edition Urban Decay t-shirt with their consultation. Urban Decay’s Eric Jimenez, Worldwide Retail Sales Director and International Makeup Artist, and his team of A-list artists will also be in attendance!

The coveted palette doesn’t even launch on until after Labor Day, and will not be available in-store at Macy’s, Sephora, and Ulta, until October 1st!"


  • Perversion is a matte charcoal black. It’ll darken anything you want to, and it’s a good black, but it’s not an ultra deep black. Not at all chalky! This is a permanent shade, and it has been featured in BoS I and II.
  • Uzi is a whitish-silver with flecks of silver glitter. I’ve found this shade has some fall out, but it’s not too bad. This is a permanent shade, and it has been featured in the Sustainable palette.
  • Loaded is a deep forest green with a metallic shimmer sheen. It is hands down my favorite shade in the palette — it’s like a greener version of NARS’ Rajasthan! This is new and exclusive to this palette.
  • Kush is a medium grassy green with a subtle cool undertone. This is a nice shade with excellent color payoff, and it is new and exclusive to this palette–but it does have some cousins. It’s a darker version of Graffiti (permanent) and Absinthe (BoS I), and it’s a greener, darker version of Homegrown (BoS II).
  • Midnight Cowboy Rides Again is a pink-tinged champagne with champagne flecks of glitter. It may be one of my least favorite eyeshadows of all time, because it has so much fall out, even though it feels very smooth. I recommend using it with a stickier base and make sure you have Q-tips and makeup remover to control the fall out. This shade is permanent, and it has been in BoS II and BoS Alice in Wonderland, as well as the Sustainable palette.
  • Last Call is a medium plum with strong red undertones and shimmer finish. This is a permanent shade that’s also a popular palette shade–it’s been featured in BoS I, BoS AiW, and Ammo.
  • Rockstar is a deep shade of eggplant purple with burgundy-red undertones and a shimmer-sheen. This is a new and exclusive shade to the palette–but the color is like Rockstar 24/7 Eye Pencil (duh!).
  • Money is a silvered blue with a metallic blue-green sheen. Very pretty and will be a great shade to layer over colored bases to bring out different undertones. This shade is new and exclusive to the palette.
  • Haight is a brightened medium blue with a frost finish that pulls just an itsy bit teal. This is shade is permanent, but it’s a Sephora exclusive. It hasn’t been in any other palettes.
  • Maui Wowie is an antique gold with a nearly metallic gold sheen. It also has flecks of dark gold glitter, so it can have some fall out issues. This is a permanent shade, and it’s also been in BoS AiW and Ammo.
  • Smog is a medium-dark bronze with a shimmer-frost finish. This is a shade that’s been in a ton of palettes! It’s permanent, but it has also been released in BoS I, Ammo, Naked, and Vegan.
  • Bordello is a mauve-tinged pink with soft flecks of dark pink shimmer-glitter. It’s smooth, pigmented, and has an almost metallic sheen. The glitter is similar to Uzi’s, but it feels a little finer. This is a new and exclusive shade.
  • Radium is a true medium blue with a cooler undertone and a softer frost finish. Great pigmentation! It is new and exclusive to this palette, and I imagine its color gets inspiration from Radium Cream Eyeshadow.
  • Snatch is a peachy-pink with a frosty finish. It’s very smooth and has nice pigmentation. This was originally in the Show Pony palette.
  • Suspect is a medium bronze that pulls a smidgen taupe and has a rather cooler undertone. I thought it was similar to some of the browns in previous BoS palettes (like Sidecar, Nylon, Gridlock, etc.), but those all have obvious red undertones in comparison. This is a new and exclusive shade.
  • Psychedelic Sister is a brightened medium purple with red undertones. It’s a nice shade of purple that’s pigmented and has a soft frost sheen. It’s a permanent, but it is a Sephora exclusive. This is the first time it’s been in a palette.


  • Zero is a deep black. Very pigmented, definitely a handy shade to have. Even if I do have five of them at this point. But really, black eyeliner in a palette makes sense.
  • Ransom is an iridescent violet purple with more of a violet flash/sheen and some red undertones. This is available in full-size, but it’s one of my favorite liners. (Try patting Fishnet over it for some real va-voom!)

 so girls do i hear Yay or nay?
for me its a big fat nay

source : Urban decay Fb page / Palette break down by Temptalia


  1. as per temptalia the palette will retail for $54

  2. wow, you are so lucky you got the palette

  3. Lucky you - I have been lemming the naked palette so much! :D

    my fiance is bringing me back the deluxe shadow palette though so yay :D

  4. @Alvira
    Thanks :)

    Hehe we are lucky our fiance / husband lives where getting makeup isn't an issue.
    I thank God every night for giving such understanding spouse.imagine ,he listened to me ,when I told him how much I wanted this, and how gloomy I was when it was not available everywhere.
    I mean he is understanding right ?

  5. Wow all u lucky women!

  6. I am loving the Naked palette. It's my first shadows from UD and I'm hooked!

    I think the BOS Volume III is cute. The colors are pretty. I may just get it on a whim since I am a New York girl lol :)

  7. I want the naked palette too :( Vol. III seems great! I love the colors!


  8. I don't like the book of shadows much. Mainly because all the color that I like are dupable and I own their dupes. I sorta like naked too but I have soo many neutral palette that I can't justify buying another one.


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥