Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Review - Garnier Color Naturals in shade Chocolate

Did you read Glossicious Confession like few weeks  month ago??
Let me refresh your memory :  I have premature Grey hair ! i aint no Richard Gere ! needs to dye every 2 weeks to cover Grey !  yes.. so today's post includes includes Garnier Color Naturals, a range of Hair Colors that is enriched with Natural Olive Oil. Their Skin Naturals line includes Garnier Light enriched with Pure Lemon Essence and Vitamin C and Garnier Essentials infused with Vitamin E. In Hair Care, the Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Styling products enjoy ready acceptance amongst consumers in Pakistan.
I was sent Garnier Color Naturals in shade Chocolate to try. This shade is right up my alley. I prefer Chocolate brown , ashy , reddish browns in summer. I have been dying my hair since i was a teenager, it only had a strand of grey hair at that time , but now i have like 65% grey hair. I wonder what went wrong?

So i dyed my hair today , i opened up the box, It comes with an instruction manual , which has all the helpful information+ pictures one could need like try skin test 48hrs before you use the dye ,etc , also includes thin plastic gloves, , a tube of colourant, a development bottle and the  conditioner sachet.
To Use: squeeze the colourant into the development bottle and shake vigorously. I usually mix them in the bottle and then pour the mixture in a bowl and use it with a hair dye brush  in layers,because i feel comfortable using this way. You can use directly from the bottle after ,snap the cap off, and squeeze mixture on hair.
The mixture is quite thick , so make sure that once you are done dying , massage it gently in your hair. This will way hair dye will spread evenly in your hair.
Important: Make sure to check in to the mirror .time to time , to see if you dont have any stains/ marks on forehead, neck , or face.If you do , don't panic , just wipe/rub it off.
I have long hair , almost till waist to i usually need two hair dye boxes, This time i only covered top crown of my head.I keep the dye in hair for like 45 mins , because my hair are 1- long 2-thick and 3-Grey. Suggested time is approx 25 mins. I washed it , and i always use conditioner usually those ones which are suitable for colored hair, i am using  Tresemme Color Revitalize Conditioner these days. 
After wash and shampooing , first thing  always notice is how soft are my hair? and are they shiny/glossy?Because i had a problem in past with some hairdyes, leaving my hair dry and dead.But I was impressed with Garnier color natural (UK version) , so i had high hopes with this box too. Fortunately i got the shine, and Ok-ish softness, umm lets put it this way ,it could be better.
But for the price RS 299/ and Range of colors. i will certainly repurchase.

Results: Dont be fooled people , my hair aren't this chocolaty brown, it gives a hint of brown if i go in to sun or if light hits my hair, otherwise they look pretty much same.

Note: Please bear in mind , that hair color might show differently on you , My hair are 65% grey , long and thick .

Whats your favorite brand when it comes to dyeing your hair?


  1. The Garnier coloration is really good. I use shade "GoldenBrown" (German Garnier) and my hair gets brown, like i want. But I have to take two packages of Garnier dye! I also got long hair.

  2. I like the new layout!

  3. @Thiya
    I love golden browns / ashy brown , dunoo why i never experimented them on my hair :/

    Yayeee Thank you :)

  4. Your dyed hair looks like my natural hair colour in the sun =P I actually like my hair so I won't be dying it until I'm like old with grays and white hair XD

  5. hie syra here.thnku so much for such lovely review. i mean i dont need to ask any thing)and yes i like the lay out verry much

  6. a very good brand i have ever admired


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