Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pakistan Flood Victims Need You- Come forward and Help

Our country is going through a very testing time. We have floods affecting more than one coror of our population. They have no place to live. Their crops are destroyed. Their families lost. These are our people. They are our brothers & sisters. Just think for a second that this was your family, your relatives dead by drowning, your house swept by waves. How would you feel ?

Come on, this is the time to prove ourselves as a Nation. Lets get together and help.You can watch the recently uploaded pictures at group.

We need to help them. Be Responsible. Donate in cash, old clothes, blankets, dry food items and medicines. Our teams are going to deliver these goods directly by the help of Army Helicopters.

Please donate now to UNICEF’s urgent emergency appeal to help save children in Pakistan.
£30 could immunise 30 children against deadly measles.
£50 could help provide 5 families with access to safe drinking water.
Help children in Pakistan now.
Donate as much as you can. Help us saving lives.

Pixiwoo 's Plea for Pakistan's Flood victims
Angelina Jolie urges aid for flood-hit Pakistan  (source) Angelina Jolie says it's vital that people help Pakistan's flood victims and not surrender to compassion fatigue.

Twitter :
and if you love tweeting maybe take few mins and read all the tweets on Pakistan flodding here

Below are some of the tweets trending #pakistan
Please visit, RT and share as widely as possible - #Pakistan needs more #aid 14 million people have been affected.
#UNICEF's water & sanitation efforts in #Pakistan reach 1/6 people in need. Please help scale up our response:
  And in case anyone forgot, the largest flooding/displacement crisis IN HUMAN HISTORY is presently unfolding in Pakistan. #justsayin

The floods have displaced 20 million people, but donations are below those for catastrophes like the Haitian earthquake or the Asian tsunami.
Jolie said she understood that ''it is getting hard for people, they see Haiti, they see these other events ... and they get exhausted by the time another big one rolls around.''
But she said Pakistanis face ''mass death, mass displacement, and this situation is going to get worse.''

Please Donate , Flood victims needs you
Below are some links.

HELP!, Flood Victims in Pakistan

Please spread awareness and resources to help the victoms of disastorus flood all over Pakistan. Following are some usefull links for more info and donation.

US Govt. SMS |
Oxfam Donation | |
Edhi Pakistan |
RedCross UK |
Merlin USA |
Concern Worldwide |
Muslim Aid | |
SRSP Pakistan |

NOTE: I request blogger community to put such messages on their sites to promote the helping hands.Also let us know if you know more such resources. Pakistan innocent helpless people need your help!!

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  1. My deep condolences to all victims there.. I heard that some Afghanistan refugees in pakistan got the flood as well..
    Will donate the money through my country.. Hope Allah will help all the victims,to ease their pain and bring them into a better life later.Amin.
    There will be a beautiful rainbow after the rain's gone.. :)


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