Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New -Coastal Scents 2 new brush lines & color correctors

Coastal Scents announce 2 new brush lines that are higher quality than they had ever before: Destiny and Bionic. More brushes are on the way, so stay tuned! And we now offer the color correctors individually


  1. like the layout...im tempted to try the brushes..and colour correctors- wow thats something i wanna try, my only skin bane is that it gets patchy...

  2. Nice layout Sarah!
    Hmm, im tempted to try the brushes and those color correctors seem really interesting- my only skin bane is that it gets patchy +i love contouring so this might be great for tht

  3. @Mai belle Thanks ! glad you liked it:)

    yeah !!!! i so wanna try these color correctors too and they are HD :P


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