Tuesday, August 10, 2010

NEW - Benefit Cosmetics product you’ve been waiting for…‏


Why we love it:Sexy, stunning & sinfully black...it's the perfectly precise eyeliner for drama that lasts.

How to use :Say the phrase jimmy jimmy DOT out loud as you move along upper lash line & every time you say DOT, make a dot of black liner in between lashes. Then glide brush along upper lash line, working from the inner corner of the eye out in a smooth, fluid motion. For added intensity, carefully line lower lash line.

 Tips :pace out the dots for natural-looking volume or dot closely together & connect for a slim, sleek liquid line. For the ultimate in drama, line your eyes with magic ink and then coat lashes with BADgal lash mascara.

why we love it:Our naturally lush lashes will give you the lash look you long for! They're easy to apply & can be used again & again!What else you need to know:Comes with eyelash adhesive.
To apply: Trim lashes to fit. Apply glue to lash band (tip: try using a toothpick!) & wait 10 seconds. Gently lay lashes on top of your natural lash line, then hold in place to set. Finish with your fave Benefit mascara... easy does it, BADgal!To remove: WHY, if you're gettin' what you want? If not... pull gently.

tips" After applying naturally lush lashes, apply BADgal lash mascara for the BIGGEST, BADDEST lashes around!

For Pakistani Reader : Benefit cosmetics ships to Pakistan. I had good experinece ordering from them twice. My packages came in 2-3 weeks safely .


  1. Ooooh two new very exciting products, especially the lashes. I'm a little surprised Benefit are releasing them!


  2. odd question! did u pay any duty on the package?
    if yes then how much if you dun mind sharing ..a percentage is fine too :) thanks

  3. @sana
    my package came via usps first class international mail and i didnt have to pay any custom


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