Monday, August 2, 2010

Collective Haul , Gift , and Prize

This Post contains products which i bought last month on different days , Please let me know if you want photos , reviews or swatches of any of these products first.

I was looking for a mirror , u found one in Alfatah , dha . I initially wanted one with stand but they didn't have that so i got this one instead for rs 195 /- Only , It had two mirror sides, one is normal and other is magnifying . Bargain !!!

I bought these makeup brushes holder from Variety books stationary section , i was browsing for a photo album when i saw these, they are basically pen holder but they work like a charm as brushes holder.I bought two, rs 95/- each
Now currently they hold my mostly used makeup brushes.

I bought plenty of eye pencils . I usually use eye pencils as eyeshadow base
(Top to bottom)
  • Mabrook glitter  Eyepencils in Blue and baby pink 
  • Entrice Exclusive eye pecils in Lilac, Olive and Bronze
  • Sweet touch Sparking eye pencils in Purple and Teal
  • and Classic eye pencil in Matt white

The 2 from sweet touch sparking eyes , in purple and teal. They are simple Gorgeous.

I bought these from DHA Alfatah for rs 150-165 /- each 
Mabrook glitter  Eyepencils in Blue and baby pink 
Entrice Exclusive eye pecils in Lilac, Olive and Bronze
* Aneela i am still waiting for your address, so i can send you the silver Ebtrice pencil you won*

I was looking for a face wash but this cute Tin caught my attention and came home with me 
MarK &spencer face powder, a gift from my cousin , Its in light- medium , little but lighter for my skin tone so i gave it to my mom

I got them finally , my fiance brought these .

Phew, thats all.

What have you  hauled in past few days/weeks/ months?

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  1. heyyyyyyy such great haul! :)

  2. WOW! this is a nice haul :) great buys

  3. the physicians formula pans look like little turtles, so cute!

  4. Ooh! I have that thing but I hold pens with it~! XD I don't have enough brushes to fit in the holder

    & lovely haul!

  5. @ Rima
    Physician formula blushes packaging is so cute and convenient .. excluding blush and bronzer duo which is bit bulky

  6. ~Lisa
    These pen holder is soo awsum , i tell ya , i am planning on getting two more for my "not so favorite brushes " :D

  7. WOW! this is a nice haul...brushes...and pen holder...beautiful..Happy friendship day Sarah

  8. Great haul! I love the blushes and those jumbo eye pencils :)

  9. fantastic faul :) i love the PF bronzers :)

  10. LOL, I have the same brush holders. x


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