Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Guest Post - Why Revlon ?!!?

Early this year I was traveling to Pakistan with my two year old naughty son. As it always happens, his antics caught people’s eyes and I was left to smile and shrug my shoulders in a ‘what can I do with him’ manner. A couple of men took pity on me and vacated their seats for me and I settled down. Some time later a familiar looking lady came and sat next to me. We got talking and she told me that she was in Dubai for some advanced course and that she had a parlor. I asked her which one and she said ‘Depilex!’
*clink* That’s when I realized why she seemed familiar, she was not Mussarat Misbah, but one of her sisters who managed the Karachi salon. She had come in eight hours early (some ticket time reading mistake!) and had all the time to browse through DDF. So she went around and bought cosmetics, loads of them, duty free too!
I asked her about mineral make up and she said that most make up lines are not suited tour desi skin tones. I had some time ago bought the L’Oreal mineral make up  (another dud buy) and I asked her it was any good. No, came her answer. The best mineral make up brand, most suited to our tones, she said, was Revlon. 
As prep for my Pakistan trip I had gone and bought a Nivea Beauty Lift (anti-aging) foundation in sand Beige. It was not right. Same for L’Oreal, in shade Honey Glow, it was a terrible match. Earlier I had experimented with Clinique and Max Factor as well. I recently bought Revlon, after much research and I am happy with it so far.

Adventures in foundation land coming soon.....


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