Tuesday, July 13, 2010

TAG : 8 Questions!

I was tagged by lovely Greek friend Stavroula , we share so many same favourites, and i love love , LOVVE chatting with her on twitter and face book , it seems we can talk all day.
She is always there to give suggestions and tips.
She just had a bronzer week on her blog , If you like bronzers,like i do , Check her blog out.

Here are 8 question which  Stavroula asked us !

- What's your top makeup tip/product for oily skin?
I have dry skin , so the best tip i can give is if you have oily skin, choose a product that is oil-free and won’t clog pores.

- What's your favorite nude lipstick?
My Favorite Lipstick is Rimmel Nude Delight / MAC myth (gloss on the top)


- What's your absolute favorite summer nail polish?
Its Right now SleekMakeup Nailed polish in Turquoise or Florida


- If you could only pick one makeup brand to use from now own, which one would it be?
I think i would choose MAC or Makeup forever, as they have wide variety of colors and they have Huge list of products which will suit every skin type / tone
- What's your favorite part in your makeup routine and why?
I love putting on my foundation/ powder and my blush then kajal,These three products just make my face "Alive".. i just love it :) 

 - French/Natural manicure/pedicure or bright colors?
Both :P  I usually go with bright colors as i suck at doing french manicure

- What's your favorite dessert? (yumm yumm)
anthing with Chocolate and orange ,  Badam Barfis.

- Bags or shoes? What's your absolute obsession? ;)
Can i say both? no? okay i guess it will have to be bags 

 Okay so here are my 8 questions

  1.  What's your least favorite part in your makeup routine and why?
  2. What makeup tools do you use in make up application?
  3. What is your favorite blush brand to use?  
  4. Are you a classic beauty or a total trendsetter? 
  5. Name one favorite drugstore and one high end brand !
  6. What makeup products do you bring on vacation?
  7. What you prefer ? Full coverage foundation ? Or sheer tinted moisturizer? 
  8. Who is your favorite your tube guru?

     I am tagging everyone , who reads this post , Yes! you are bound to do this. You cant run or hide( BTW I loveee Enrique Iglesis )

    Please Leave me a link if you do  the tag, i would love, seriously love to read your answers


    1. Reading this post reminds me that I need a handbag!


    2. Hehehe cool answers Sarah! :) I'll answers yours too! :D *mwah*

      1. hmmm... applying SHIMMERY eyeshadows (whenever I choose to use shimmery eyeshadows), because they get all over my face argh!!!

      2. brushes, q-tips to correct any mistakes, eyelash curler, Avene Thermal Water to wet my foundation brush! :)

      3. I'm really impressed with Elf Studio Line Blushes! :)

      4. I'm both! lol ! I love variety, so sometimes I do classic looks and sometimes I do modern looks! :)

      5. Elf and Stila (I love Stila!!!)

      6. You seriously don't want to see what I carry with me on vacation!! lol ! This year I'm definitely bringing less products with me: foundation, loose powder, blush, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, mascara, eyeliner pencils, Elf Basic Eyes Encyclopedia, 3 single eyeshadows (a black, a green and a turqoise one) and a couple of lipglosses! I'm not going to pack 300 different eyeshadows and lipglosses, I don't use them all anyway! lol

      7. Medium to full coverage foundation is fine for me! :)

      8. emilynoel3, she's amazing!! I've bought so many nice things thanks to her videos! :)


    ♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥