Monday, July 5, 2010

Bourjois Eau de Gloss Review , Swatch & Photos

I bought these babies in January from fragrance direct  for £0.99 , bargain , no?
I got shade Capuccino Ice( its a non sticky shimmering gloss) and Rose Vitamine (17)    ( is a non sticky moisturizing formula gloss).Shade swatches are very deceptive so do google before buying them.
Reason i love them is that they are non sticky and have great shine.Best thing is that they are really moisturizing too. Staying power is not so great but not so bad.I had to re apply frequently.
and how cute is the packaging ? very unqiue and easy to find from my huge pile of lipglosses.
*sorry i dont know why second pic of both swatches is blurry,it isnt like this in real,hmm*

Okay i am HUGE bourjous commercials fan.
Their commercials are so cute.
Here is the Cute advert of Bourjois Eau de Gloss


If you are in UK or some where you can get hold of these ,do buy them.They are inexpensive, fun and highly recommended.

Have you tried these before?


  1. I like both shades, very pretty!

  2. Ah, i agree. The bourjois gloss is unique. =) and I love the first one. Looks great.

  3. love them :) girl you're lucky to have those

  4. Pretty shades! The packaging looks interesting. x

  5. Thanks girls, i like the rose vitamin beter :D

  6. Thanks for the review and the swatches :)


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