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Shiro Cosmetics -Review & Swatches

Shiro Cosmetics is independently owned and operated by a wonderful lady, Caitlin. I read about Shiro Cosmetics on Sirvinya's and lovely Heather's blog. I was super impressed with the swatches and i knew i have to have them.
Caitlin was super sweet and asked me to choose girls for the review, but instead i asked to surprise me, she had sent me some of her favorites.My package arrived within 10 days.
 Each colour came in a sample baggie with a label with its own ingredients listed.I thought it was quite unique,impressive and helpful ,as it was mentioned on the label if color is lip safe or not.The samples come in little baggies. Only thing i didn't like was , when i tried to open the sample baggie, label sticker stretched the plastic and ripped small holes in it. It didn't become messy as i immediately transferred them in empty jars i had ,as i didn't want to waste such brilliant shades.
When i swatched the eyeshadows i was instantly struck by the glitz and intensity. The swatches below are done with extremely light handed. Imagine how beautiful they will look over a primer(* see my eyemakeup below*)
They are so pigmented.Even after end of day , my eye makeup look superb, And staying power is so awsum, i wore contact lenses that day, after few hours ,we had sand storm, and i got some in my eyes and i shed some tears , but eyeshadow didn't fade, they stayed fresh.These eyeshadow are blend able, i had no problem blending keeping in mind , how bad i am at it.
All of Shiro Cosmetics eyeshadows are vegan
 Shades description :
  • Meowth: Shimmering cream with coppery shimmer.
    The third member of the Team Rocket trio, Meowth is apparently the only Pokemon (short of Mewtwo) capable of human speech. Which seems a little arbitrary, but hey, whatever.
  •  Gengar:Dark purple-black with red eye-safe glitter. ( It reminds me of MAC beauty marked)
    Gengar gave Pokemon nerds a reason to find friends so they could trade their Haunters. I didn't have any friends, so I had to buy an extra GameBoy and the other version of Pokemon. It was so worth it.
  • Squirtle:Bright, clear, shimmery blue. Apply it wet to get a gorgeous metallic effect!
  • Lance the Dragon Trainer: Deep, rich, shimmering indigo with golden sparks of eye-safe glitter.Don't you wish your name was Lance the Dragon Trainer? Seriously. I would spend my life wearing a dramatic cape and just generally being awesome, if my name was Lance the Dragon Trainer.
  • Acid:Vivid, opaque, shimmery yellow-green with golden undertones and just a touch of darker green eye-safe glitter.
  • ButterFree:Pale, shimmery lavender.If you chose Charmander as your starter, a Butterfree with Confusion could make all the difference in your very first gym battle against Brock. That was probably the nerdiest sentence I've typed so far today.
  • Team Rocket: Opaque, shimmery red-toned purple - sort of a cross between the Team Rocket uniforms and Jessie's hair.Everyone's favorite trio of incompetent, dorky villians. These guys had the nerdiest intro in the entire world. TEAM ROCKET, BLAST OFF AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT!
  •  S.S.Anne :Lovely, shimmery, subtle yet rich champagne with a peachy-copper tinge - appropriate for all ages and occasions, universally flattering, and pretty much just gorgeous.
  • Brock The Rock: Dark, rich chocolate brown with slight red tones and flashes of silver.

*Applied dry*
(L-R) Meowth,ButterFree,Team Rocket,Brock The Rock, S.S.Anne, and Acid

Now the below swatched eyeshadows are absolute favorite, they are simply gorgeous

*Applied dry*

*L-R* Lance The Dragon, Squirtle, Gengar

Here is a look i tried with with
Shiro cosmetics eyeshadow in Acid-Vivid, opaque, shimmery yellow-green with golden undertones and just a touch of darker green eye-safe glitter.
Shiro cosmetics eyeshadow in Squirtle - Bright, clear, shimmery blue. Apply it wet to get a gorgeous metallic effect!


$5.00 USD for 5-gram jar, packed full of shadow, with a sifter. This is not the same as 5 grams of product, as it's packed by volume, not weight. Depending on the density of the shadow, you'll get between 1.8 and 2 grams - enough to last you a very, very long time! Individual mini and sample sizes are available on website, .


FREE SHIPPING on orders over $35! Refunds will be issued through PayPal within 1 business day. Otherwise:
- $2.50 Flat Rate shipping on all standard/mini sizes within the United States.
- $3.50 Flat Rate shipping on all standard/mini sizes international.
- $1.50 Flat Rate shipping for orders that contain only sample sizes. Sample orders will arrive in a padded envelope instead of a box.

Shipping uses USPS First Class Mail with delivery confirmation, when available.
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 Have you tried shiro cosmetics ? What do you think?

Disclaimer: Products reviewed in this post were sent to me by the Company/ Pr for consideration. opinion/views expressed are honest and influenced only by me ;)


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