Monday, July 12, 2010

The Limited Edition Luscious Twilight Palette is now available online

The highly anticipated Luscious Twilight palette ,LE has been launched online for purchase

 The Twilight Palette will start becoming available at stores at different times this week.

Luscious Twilight Kit

A limited-edition collection of new shades inspired by the Twilight Saga that will get you gorgeous in minutes!
Featuring the Cullen Crest on its cover, this petite palette is a treasure trove of eyeshadows, lip glosses and face shimmer inspired by characters from the series.

This palette contains:

8 Eyeshadows: Full Moon, Mortal, Jane, Eclipse, Alice, Esme, Venom, Rosalie.
4 Lip Glosses: Glow, Emily, Fatal, Bitten.
1 Face Shimmer: Bella

All 8 eyeshadows have been formulated or maximum impact! The intense shades will glide on and stay put. Use as an all over wash of colour or layer them together for a glamorous look.
The lip glosses/lip tints in this palette are infused with shea butter to moisturise your lips with a soft hint of colour.
Use the Bella face shimmer on cheekbones and the center of your forehead for a surreal glow!

This is a Limited-Edition item. Available only till supplies last. Buy your palette to enter the Luscious Twilight Contest!  

Go here to Order yours for Rs 1,495/-


  1. I don't like twilight that much..but oohhh..i'm itching to get this LE palette!U__U The face shimmer looks gorgeous!

  2. @aisyah De Cullen
    I hated twilight movies, i watched eclipse yesterday , i don't like bella or even Edward, i find twilight movies way too childish for my taste but eh! what can we do.

  3. Oooohh...I'm interested! Twilight fan :D


  4. hehe..well, its still hard to resist something LE like this! I'm wondering, do you know any international site where I can get this? US or UK site? thanks sarah! and sorry for the trouble..


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥