Monday, July 5, 2010

Exclusive- Luscious Cosmetics Twilight Limited Edition Palette

This July, Luscious Cosmetics will be unveiling a Limited Edition
Makeup Palette inspired by the Twilight Saga film series to coincide with the release of the
highly anticipated third sequel of the saga, Eclipse. These Twilight Limited Edition kits will hit stores across Pakistan starting the second week of July.

Each kit contains 4 lip glosses
8 eye shadows, 
and 1 face shimmer
all packagedin a sleek compact featuring the Cullen family crest on its cover. The shades
named “Bella”, “Jane”, “Alice”, “Rosalie”, etc., in keeping with the characters’ looks, are
reflective of Luscious’ chic and glamorous style.

As an additional exciting offer by Luscious, the Twilight Makeup Palette will be tied in with the biggest nationwide contest by Luscious yet. Each kit will contain a secret code number which will enable each customer to enter the contest. Prizes include signed
photographs of Twilight stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, as well
as merchandise related to the movie.
More details about the contest could be found on Luscious blog

Luscious team has given July 12, as the launch date on the face book group and girls are already counting days.

So if you are in Pakistan , is this Palette a Hit or Miss for you??

Disclaimer: Above information was provided by the PR


  1. I like this palette especially the lip glosses ;)

  2. The eyeshadow colours look nice!

  3. Im coming to Pakistan Sarah..!! Ive been drooling so much after Luscious im afraid Delhi will be flood struck..!!!!

    I want everything they have.. damn their shipping charges.. :(

  4. @ Aneela
    yeah its nice that they included corals

    i am excited about eyeshadows, hope they are pigmeneted

  5. @Aneela
    Yeah i am glad they added some corals

    I am really excited about the Eyeshadows, i hope they are pigmented too

    i wish shipping wasnt so expensive, other wise there will be lots of swaps frm delhi to where i live :P

  6. i have to be honest and say it doesnt look that amazing. ppl will only buy this because of the twilight branding. i mean dont get me wrong i am a fan but i wouldnt buy a product just because of a film. If i am wrong and this is a good pallette i will eat my words lol :)

  7. Lol I agree with you , I am the last person on earth who wod buy a
    product inspired by twilight(I'm not even twilight fan) , I was not
    even all hyped up by UD alice in wonderland palette,, for God sake
    people it was just a palette.I did find it funny reading girls
    fainting ,wowing and crying over it.
    In Pakistan its somehow different, we don't have many affordable
    accessible brands available, so many girls are pretty much excited
    about it.
    I will defo give my thought on the palette once I get it ;)


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