Monday, July 12, 2010

EOTD: Pink and Green

Products Used:

Mabrook Shinning Glitter eye shadow pencilin Blue as base
Mabrook Shinning Glitter eye shadow pencil in Pink as base
Collection 2000 Glam crystal eyeliner gel in La Freak
Barry M dazzle dust in Candy Floss (From their pink gift kit)
Maybelline Expert wear eyeshadow in Emerald City 
Benefit Bad gal mascara
ELF eyeshadow in Black( from their smoky get the look kit)
Eldora false eyelashes
Hashmi kajal (not pictured)

I personally loved this look. It was even my face book display pic for a while.

How do you like it ? or hate it?


  1. this is just lovely :) love the color combo here ^ ^

  2. Really unusual i like it on you. I love these eyelashes they are so natural. Ive not heard of them before xx

  3. @nicoletta
    Thanks :) Eldora lashes are among best i have tried so far , check them out

  4. That's so pretty Sarah! :) These are the pencils you bought recently huh?

  5. Love it, this is bright and funky :)

  6. @Stavroula
    yup ! these are the pencils i told you about :)

    @ liloo
    thanks :)

  7. This look amazing! Lovely color combo



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