Friday, June 18, 2010

Strawberries ,Wimbledon 2010 and Arbonne- Yes Please !

FACT:  Approximately 62,000 pounds of strawberries and 1,540 gallons of cream are consumed at London’s  annual Wimbledon tennis championship.
Wimbledon championship 2010 is now around the corner,starting on june 21-july 4 2010.
I was once a huge fan of Pete Sampras, and still a fan of Andre Agassi( i think he is gorgeous)
So where was i ?  yes !! Wimbledon and strawberries.
I sense some confusion, 
I hear you say Glossicious- Sports Blog?
Glossicious - Food blog?
Stay focused my girles, its still the same Old  Glossicious- Beauty Blog

Let me introduce you to the new wonders full world of Arbonne , because  this year’s strawberry satisfaction is coming is a different flavor.

Arbonne Cosmetics Lipstick £16 in Strawberry and Lipliner £15 in Cherry
Gorgrous? No?  I hear you say yes! girlfriend.
This long-wearing, feather-resistant lipstick glides on easily for full coverage, and intensely conditions and hydrates lips,For added precision use Lipliner £15 in Cherry, a smudge-proof creamy lip liner which defines lips with durable pigments, helping to extend the wear of the lipstick to last the whole game, set, match!
 Arbonne  didnt forget the what products are needed to look beautiful ,gorgeous, with  glowing skin this season.
 Start with skincare and the Arbonne exclusive Fresh Cell 5 (FC5) range which protects cell nutrients as they are extracted and results in an unparalleled freshness and effectiveness of the extracts of kiwi, strawberry, carrot, mango and pumpkin which the 14 product range contains
Keep your face looking fresh too with FC5 Purifying cleanser and toner, with Matte Fresh™ Complex and fresh strawberry cells, 118ml, £18.50.
This cooling, refreshing formula cleans and tones the skin, visibly reducing oiliness while providing hydration.
 Suitable for oily/combination skin.
 Key Ingredients include: fresh strawberry cells known for their purifying qualities; allantoin, witch hazel, lemon verbena botanical plant, rosemary botanical plant.

No beauty is completed , with out some body care , right?

FC5’s Invigorating body cleanser, with fresh strawberry cell extracts and Moisture Fresh™ Complex, 296 ml, £19.50.
Hydrating as it cleanses, this enriched formula imparts a radiant appearance and provides the soft feeling of healthy skin.
Key Ingredients: Fresh strawberry cells; lemon verbena botanical plant, rose geranium botanical plant, shea butter, vitamins A and E, wheat protein, oat extract.
 Make sure you  to eat strawberries this Wimbledon championship 2010 with some Arbonne.

Visit or call Customer Services on 0800 977 5721 to locate your nearest consultant and purchase products.

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  3. Loved the review! As a tennis fan and an Arbonne fan, this was a great way to start my USOpen tennis week and enjoy the last days of summer. Cheers! Barbara

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