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Sarurday Skincare with Cellnique Derma Brightening Complex & Oxygen Regenerating Cream - Reviews

 Cellnique Derma Brightening Complex

What it is?
Formulated with exclusive Triple Action Melano-Targeting technology, this strongly effective yet gentle formulation works excellent on skin discoloration, dull and uneven skin tone, restores skin’s luminous glow without provoking any skin irritation or peeling. Unprecedented clarity radiates from within.

 What does it do?

Works on skin discoloration, dull and uneven skin tone
Exfoliates dead skin cells without provoking skin irritation
Rich moisturizing arributes for skin softening
Promoting a firmer skin texture
Antioxidant protection for the skin

Packaging: White opaque plastic bottle with a dropper like Cellnique Intensive Hydrating Complex 
Scent: Light chemical-ish scent. I dont like it but It doesn’t bother me at all.It faints away quicly after few minutes of application
Texture: This is a yellowish liquid  silky texture. 

 Price30ml bottle of Cellnique Derma Brightening Complex   will cost  US

This has to be my favorite among all of Cellnique products i received. I normally use it after cleansing , and using serum,
i take two drop with the help of droplets , as 2 drops are sufficient for my entire face. I apply it on my cheeks, chin and forehead first, and smooth the leftover essence over the rest of my face. 5 minutes is more than enough for my skin to absorb it completely. Its leaves my skin radiant , smooth , soft and makes it look bright. When applied on skin , it looks oily at first but it absorbs completely after 3-5 mins . I would recommend it to those girls who want a bright , smooth skin.
Over all I wouldnt say it was out of this world product but it helped my skin a bit when i needed it most

Review-Cellnique Oxygen Regenerating Cream 


What it is?
Designed to work with skin natural renewal process, this triple action cream is enriched with vitamins A, C and E which helps oxygenate the skin surface, transforming your complexion into smooth, radiant and translucent skin that you have always craved for.
What does it do?

Repairs and protects skin cells
Restores elastin and collagen which help in anti-aging
Treats pigmentation or skin discoloration

Packaging: Beautiful Jar with Silver lid, makes it look so expensive and classy
Scent: Light smell, which doesnt bother me
Texture: This is a  white , light , some how whipped mousse textured cream
Price50 gm Jar of Cellnique Derma Brightening Complex   will cost  US

For the past few weeks I've been using Cellnique  Oxygen Regenerating Cream .I really like the texture of this cream Plus this product is lightweight even at full strength.I love this stuff! Unfortunately, I have no evidence that this is correcting/preventing any pigmentation or skin discoloration but i can say that it moisturizes my skin well.I love it! It's super soft and creamy, without making my skin greasy (that is very important because i don't like oily feeling on my face in summers). 
Now in the end my face after few weeks of usage , i know you might not feel a much difference but , i know my skin is less blotchy , thirsty , patchy . I am keeping my fingers crossed for better continuous results in coming weeks as i have still lots of Cellnique products lefts in jar and bottle to use.
What do you use for a radiant skin?
If you've tried this product, or any others of Cellnique , please leave a comment!



  1. WOW.. loving those products. thank you for the review :)

  2. The serum looks like The Body Shop Moisture White serum...I use it as a primer and works wonders.

  3. plz sara do reply this query of mine: can i get from lhr like alfatah or else??!


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