Sunday, June 20, 2010

RIP-NYX Cosmetics Rouge Cream Blushes

warning : Its a SAD post

Whenevr i think of those 5 NYX Cosmetics Rouge Cream Blushes  i ordered ( Boho chic, Glow,red cheek,Hot pink and orange)

which never made it to me*

I cry at my sleep 

I am waiting for an Angel , to look down at me and Do a miracle and send my  lost NYX Cosmetics Rouge Cream Blushes.

So one day when i wake up i will get them in mail* I would be so surprised*
* I was fully refunded , now seller wont risk shipping to Pakistan again :(  and some websites already  doesn't ship to Pakistan* i am looking at you Cherry culture*


Do miracle happen??  EVER?!


  1. Aaaw babes dont be sad..!!!

    Can you please tell where did you ordered them from..?? was thinking of ordering..

  2. sure , priyanka, here is the link

  3. @priyanka you girls have NYX in india, why dont you ask some fellow indian blogger / friend to send it to you , if its cheaper

  4. Aww....I can understand how u feel girl. Of course miracles do happen. U'll get yr nyx blushes one day


  5. @Cynthia Thanks Girl ! i feel mush better after sharing out everything here

  6. Oh..I don't understand why they don't send it to Pakistan.We have NYX outlet/counter here,but still Indonesian(especially me)prefer to buy it online since it's cheaper than in the counter(in fact,I am also an online seller here,hehe^^).
    Is there any online store in your country,Sarah?..

  7. I don't understand why wouldn't they ship to Pakistan :o But don't be sad, miracles do happen!! :) x

  8. Awww that is not good :( i am sad too...

  9. Awww... Don't be sad. Why don't you try swapping with another blogger who has NYX in her country? :3

  10. @Lovely CosMe
    i prefer online shopping for same reason , its cheaper :)
    they wont ship again cause they refunded me already and dont want to go through lost package prob again

    i know, so sad na

    swapping is a good idea but we don't have many brands available aren't available here and sending packages abroad is very expensice like $30 for one package

  11. don't be sad Sarah.. :) try some other online shops, you can get it! ^^

  12. Awwwww... so sorry Sarah. But look at it this way, at least u got yr refund back. Maybe something even better is in store for you! Like MAC blushes! :D :D

  13. @ceecile i am sure :) i will try my luck some other time

    yeah MACA hehe, you know God compensated this loss with some new blushes(powder) ones i got few days earlier will post about them:D

  14. awwww..*pats back*
    don't cry in your sleep..miracles will happen..okay, maybe not in the shape of those blushers, but who knows, it might reach your front door.=)


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥