Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Photoshop gone bad- and Gollum Quot

 My eyes ! My eyes !

This is one of  Mahin Hussain's Bag collection's photo, I do like the clutch BUT
instead of concentrating on bag , why i am staring at the small body , big head, giant hands and tiny arms?
Don't they remind you of someone?

Why i feel scared? it reminds me of Gollum Quot from  Lord Of The Rings

see hands and arms below 

And i don't understand why she is hanging in the air OR sitting in the air?? Really?!

Photoshop gone bad? Indeed !


  1. LMAO ehehe, I love this I cant stop laughing

  2. haha me too ! did you see the resemblance?

  3. o sarah! don't you see? she belongs to a special humanoid species that inhabit certain areas of the earth. they're very, very rare...

  4. haha rima! your comment made me laugh so hard .

  5. Gawd! This is so funny.. Actually I feel Golum looks better, at least he is not modeling a purse while levitating.

  6. @alvira and tanveer
    i showed this to my bro and he laughed so hard that it scared my mom.hah tanveer yes golum is better,all the way :P

  7. Hahahahahaha....omg! Hilarious...wth! rofllll ;D
    Toooo funny!


  8. LMAO....That dude looks better and less scary...:)

  9. My.........PRECIOUS!!!!!!!! lmao

  10. loooooooool !!!! you're hilarious Sarah!!!


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