Wednesday, June 2, 2010

OriFlame Now in Pakistan

Oriflame is an international cosmetics company selling direct, with sales in 62 countries. Oriflame offers a complete range of high quality skincare, toiletries, fragrances and colour cosmetics, marketed through a sales force of over 2.2 million independent Sales Consultants worldwide. Although the company has grown rapidly it never lost sight of its original business concept- Natural Swedish Cosmetics, sold from friend to friend. Oriflame is a co-founder of World Childhood Foundation. Oriflame Cosmetics is listed on the Nordic Stock Exchange.
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  1. Oh,really?I thought oriflame has been there since it's available in India(that's what I heard).Here in Indonesia,oriflame has been here since like 15 yrs ago or so(I forget)and now it's growing in number(I mean the number of members).It's a MLM company(like Avon,Amway,etc).I've joined it twice,my mum too,but none of us suceeded(yet).LOL:D..
    Anyway,why don't you post about local Pakistan cosmetic brands?I'd love to read that:) Maybe other readers too..
    I'm going to write about local Indonesian cosmetic brands my self(just need to edit couple of pictures which I'm still lazy to do it:/ )..

    *Love your post:)

  2. Recently we started to have international brands in pakistan , oriflame made it here this year :) in april .to be honest we have only few local pakistani brands , i keep mentioning luscious alot rest i will sure update :)

    Thanks i love reading your comments :

  3. I`m a member of Oriflame too, and same as Lovely CosMe, I live in Indonesia. It has a bunch of great cosmetics, but it`s hard to order. You should try their best-sell perfume 'Miss-O'. It`s great!

  4. please sarah do review some local pakistani make-up brands especially for nail polishes!! and also if you can, where to get them!!?! it's a turmoil really to get the desired shade of nail lacquer in pakistan!!

  5. sure Dr.amy i will do my best , i have reviewed few like luscious , and sweet touch etc, search and you may find few :)


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