Wednesday, June 30, 2010

MAC Select SPF 15 Moistureblend Foundation - Review

What it is:
 Its a  creamy compact foundation blending a radiant natural-satin medium-to-build able coverage with a silky feel. Skin pampering and conditioning: delivers moisture, provides everyday UVA/UVB and anti-oxidant protection, while micro-fine light-diffusing filters soften the appearance of fine lines. Provides dry skins with a smooth, high-comfort, moisture finish: original M·A·C fans will love it.

How to use: Apply with 190 Foundation Brush or Sponge.

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Price: 3200-3500 rs approx/-


Yonno , i got dry skin ? no? then i am sure you haven't browsed through my previous posts. Its full of rants. :)
I bought this foundation, when i read on MAC , that M·A·C Select Moisture blend SPF 15 Foundation Provides dry skins with a smooth, high-comfort, moisture finish.
I repeat , its more suitable for dry skin because this is a hydrating, thick, moisturizing foundation.The main ingredients in this mu is sunflower seed oil, so it does smell a little like it. Nothing annoying, in fact i like the smell.
I have it in shade NC30.
M·A·C Select Moisture blend SPF 15 Foundation  is very smooth and looks dewy on the face.
The foundation compact can be divided in to three sections
1-comes with a mirror 
3-and separate compartment for the sponge underneath
I prefer using my ELF powder brush when i am using this foundation,sometimes i use my coastal scents foundation brush, I avoid sponge because it just swipes the foundation off the face and i am not very good with the sponge application.I first purchased it in winters , when i asked my brother to get it fro me from London. I love it because it provides medium coverage and won't extenuate patches and dryness on my face. I used it in winters all the time.It was my HG foundation. 
Is M·A·C Select Moisture blend SPF 15 Foundation  being discontinued? I am not sure as i only saw one shade on website and couldn't find it on http://www.maccosmetics.comI was so glad when i found that its now available in Pakistan too. So i  had to repurchase it.
It also has the SPF 15, better than nothing when your in a hurry or lazy bum like me ;)
When i first started using it i felt that it kind of feels like you have a sticky layer on your face. But with time 1- either i got the trick of applying it correctly
or 2- my face got used to it.

Over all It tends to get greasy a bit so if you have oily skin or hate greasy feeling ,or needs  more coverage , it might not be your piece of cake.

For me,M·A·C Select Moisture blend SPF 15 Foundation  is light and comfortable, even while it gives good  light to medium  coverage.

Do you have any favorite M.A.C Foundation?


  1. It looks so nice and creamy! :) I have oily skin though, so it's a big no-no for me! :(

  2. They are in the process of discontinuing this product.... :-(

  3. @Stavroula
    yup NO ! NO! for oily skin
    i know:( how sad

  4. This sounds too thick for my oily/comb skin


  5. looks nice..perfect for dry skin..


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