Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lip Swatch:Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds Crystal Amethyst

While going through my lipgloss stash , see what i found?

 Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds lip gloss in  Crystal Amethyst

I love , how Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds looks on my lips, one word SUPERB and Sexy(Well these are two words), i always get complements whenever i wore this gloss , in fact i bought my second tube when i gave away my first to a friend when she couldn't stop praising it.Its Pretty and non sticky .

I bought it a year or half ago for rs 625-650 from Alfatah , liberty market Lahore.
I read online that its discontinued in USA, well i will have to see if its still available in Pakistan.

Guess the Gloss name ?

I have no idea which shade it is ?.I am sorry i don't remember the shades name, as all the labels and printing is gone.

Have you tried  Maybelline Wet Shine Diamonds? any guesses for shade's name?


  1. So pretty! Love the glittery shiny effect! Makes your lips look extra luscious. :3

  2. love the color girl! great job!

  3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm love it :)
    Thx for sharing

  4. Wow this looks amazing on you!! :) Xx

  5. this looks good... Ooooooooohhh :D i want it ^ ^

  6. I love these too they make your lips look so full xx

  7. I looks similar to the one I have...its called Crystal Amethyst....I love this l/g so much

  8. @ Chibu
    thanksss , now i remeber yes, its Crystal Amethyst. Thank you girl *hugs*

    Thnka you girlies whriles for your comments , seriously i want to post more lipgloss swatched now..heheh

  9. Amazing!
    Loved the blog.

    Kisses from Portugal,

  10. Welcome to Glossicious Cristiana, Thanks and glad you liked it :)


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥