Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Korres Abyssinia Oil Volumizing Mascara -Brown

What it is:
A dramatically volumizing mascara that delivers a fantastically fuller set of lashes.

What it does:
Korres Abyssinia Oil Volumizing Mascara is enriched with Abyssinia oil, a conditioning botanical that builds volume and length for lush, gorgeous, natural-looking lashes you will love.

Blue /cobalt blue

The texture is good balance between wet and creamy and actually evenly coated my lashes.

It's very hydrating and very lengthening, but volume? Not so mush.
I also liked the brush, it was slender which makes it easy to handle and makes the application a breeze  even at the tightest corner without making a mess. The bristles are good in term of separating my lashes and keeping them curl,it coats my lashes all the way to to tips.I have naturally very dark lashes, you brown was more of golden brown on my lashes whenever light reflected

Overall, a really good mascara for natural and neural , non-dramatic look ,  - Korres always surprises me with their products (their shadows are great, too.Review here). 

Have you ever used brown mascara?


  1. love this eotd, especially the eyeliner :)

  2. It defines your lashes without being dramatic and that what I love :)
    Indeed a great everyday mascara :)

  3. I just can't find a good brown mascara here. i used jordana for some time but it wasn't waterproof, otherwise it was just like the one above. Nothing dramatic, just neutral lashes. :)

  4. @palak
    That's what I love about it , it a great mascra for natural everyday look

  5. @ tanveer
    Its not waterproof either, few months ago I was scared of using anyother color mascara but I like this one , I liked it how Natural it is

  6. Oooh this looks nice :) thanks for the review ^ ^

  7. I have it in black and I actually love it, which I didn't expect to happen!!! :D

  8. @Stavroula

    Are you the same Stavroula from ELF UK fbpage? love your comments there:)


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