Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I am Back( with a Haul)

Hiya My Girlies , I am back home after hectic and tiring trip , which went well . I had amazing time with my sister and nephew. I am missing them already.
I picked up few bits , I am seriously impressed with 4US makeup, seriously , i loved their eyeshadow, they were so pretty and wow so pigmented, so do visit the counter near you .
I bought Artdeco Camouflage Cream which is amazing , I love it.Detailed review coming soon. I will buy the magnet Box next time , from ENEM, You combine your favorite color individually, replace used shades, add new fashion colors and integrate brushes or applicators.
their Blush cost around 750 and eyeshadow single costs like rs 450, which i feel is pretty reasonable.

1 . Etude Aqua Rouge lipstick
I got it from Alfatah for rs approx 250-350( cant remeber exact price)
2 . Carlodiroma Black Label Lipstick
Its smells and tastes so good ,I bought it from ENEM store Liberty market , lahore for rs 190 , (was on sale,original price:250(spmething)
I got it from Alfatah DHA for Rs 575 , its a lovely pigmented blush, i wanted to try lighter shades but they didnt have it so instead bout this one
4 . Etude studio fix Makeup Stick
Bought it from ENEM store Liberty market, for RS 600 , Perfect for concealing
Again  got it from Alfatah DHA for Rs 600, it was the last piece, i LOVE it, infact LURVE it , if you have artdeco in your city , Do buy it
Bought it from ENEM store Liberty market, for RS 750 , expensive , as last time i bought soft plum for 650 from Alfatah
I got it from Roop singhar liberty market( best place to buy fake MAC, Nars ,Anna Sui ,Bobbi brown ets so beware) , duppata gali for rs 120.I am loving it so far

All of the above bought from Alfatah DHA

Simple Moisturising Handwash

Price: 195

Secret Platinum Clear Gel Scent Expressions Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant French Lavender

 Price: Orginal 350 , was on sale , bought it for RS 275

Sure Women Crystal Clear aqua 

Price :Rs195-240(sorry bad memory)

So liked anything ? 

let me know if you have any questions:)


  1. Very nice haul girl! First time I'm seeing Maybelline Mousse blush in coral. Isn't it 4U2?? Or my eyes are playing with me.... Love that Blush ^.^


  2. hehe its 4U2, dont be deceived by tacky name, products are pretty good:D

  3. WOW... thats a nice haul :) please review the art deco cream and the dream mouse from maybelline.. i am eagerly waiting for that :)..

  4. @Sara
    i love artdeco cream, its imprressed me so much , sure will do the reviews :)

  5. wowww nice haul :)

    plzzz do a review on 4U2 Blush. its quite tempting :)

  6. Welcome back! ^^
    I have the exact same Maybelline blush like that, hehe.. :D
    Please review the Etude House lipstick, I'm curious to know.. ^^

  7. Hope you had a nice trip.I have the etude make up stick it's really good.Can you do a review on Lakme kajal pencil

  8. @aneela
    i will in few days:)

    @ ceecile
    thanks :) its a pretty nude shade , will do a lip swatch soon

    @ alvira
    how do you like the etude stick? i will review the kajal in coming weeks:)

  9. @sarah:
    i m looking forward to it.

  10. LOL..we have the fake MAC here as well,it's about 1 or 2 USD or something :D..Since I'm not a biggest fan of MAC(which some gals may think me weird),so I don't really pay attention on it.I prefer smashbox to MAC anyway.
    Just like cynthia z,it's first time seeing maybelline mouse blush in coral.I had this in soft plum(like 2 yrs ago),maybe this is their latest version I guess.Now currently have physician's formula magic mosaic multi colored blush in soft rose.But cream blush is always better than the powder one imo..Stay last longer..

  11. Lovely haul Sarah...

    The Etude Studio Fix stick looks like Colorbar concealer :-)

    Waiting for a review of the Art Deco camouflage cream, the 4U2 blush :-)

  12. I got the Artdeco Camouflage Cream and I love it!! :)

  13. oh i also have that same lakme kajal, etude studio fix stick and etude lipsticks too!!

    i have not used maybelline mousse blush but i do use maybelline matte mousse foundation!! it's a great product and i use to wear it like on routine basis!!

    and that artdeco concealer is definitely on my next must-have lists!! i just hope i find it=/

  14. Artdeco is easily avilable in lahore .. i got it frm alfatah DHA , but i saw it at enem liberty market as well

  15. vip center is another shop opposite roop singhar and they have nice make up things. i think they dont have any fake items but the price is a little high. i have bought from alfatah color collection roop singar but i think vip has more vareity and from what i heard they are the oldest in the cosmetic business. dont go by the size of the shop. they have good genuine things which is all i care about

  16. Great!! Thanks for sharing it is really nice to read.


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥