Thursday, June 17, 2010

Homemade Tinted Moisturizer- Easy

Living in Pakistan , sometimes means, not having some of the  World's famous brands, Their L.E Collections, loads of Fake Chanel, M.A.C, Anna sui and so on.
So while i was in Lahore last week ,and i went to look for a tinted moisturizer, which sadly i didnt find,Usually S.A will try and convince me to buy their foundations but i politely told them i already have like 10 foundations at home( yes! i have a problem)
Anyways i will share some easy homemade tinted moisturizer methods for my fellow Pakistani girls and who ever want to try it, which i have been using for quite a sometime.
I always try to wear a very natural and even looking skin tone when i go out.

What is tinted moisturizer? 

Tinted moisturizer combines the benefits of skin care and a light foundation for a natural, luminous complexion. 

  • Light coverage, not a heavy look
  • Most provide SPF protection
  • Provides a moisturizer and cosmetic in one application
  • Easy and quick to apply
  • Most last all day
  • Available in varying shades to match every skin tone
  • 2 products in 1 is less expensive
  • A tinted moisturizer is made by most cosmetic companies which means a wide selection to choose from
  • Won't cover blemishes as well as traditional foundation
  • May give shiny appearance to skin
  • May not offer enough coverage for some women

Glossicious favorite method for making your own tinted moisturizer at home is to use your favorite moisturizer and mix it with mineral makeup. High quality mineral makeup almost seems to dissolve when mixed with moisturizer and when you apply this homemade tinted moisturizer to your face, it creates light, even coverage as well as the soft glow characteristic of mineral makeup .
You should not have trouble incorporating your mineral foundation with your moisturizer. If you find that your mineral makeup is difficult to dissolve in the moisturizer, you probably bought a poor quality mineral makeup. Consider trying another brand if this occurs.
Not into minerals?
New York Color makeup artist Mathew Nigara says that a great way to make tinted moisturizer is to create a mixture of one-third foundation to two-thirds moisturizer in the palm of your hand. Then apply to face with a damp sponge. Gently push the mixture into the skin, focusing mostly on the center of the face and the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin)
Regular liquid foundations also work great as tinted moisturizers when mixed with your face moisturizer .
My combination is usually two parts moisturizer plus one part foundation , then I swirled and mix them both together in palm of my hand with my finger and then apply all over my face.
Another advantage to mixing your own tinted moisturizer is that you can easily adjust the color. If you need more coverage, add more foundation. Want a tinted moisturizer to match and enhance your tanned, summer glow? Just mix in a little powdered bronzer into your homemade tinted moisturizer.
Quick Tip: I have found that one of the easist and least messy ways to mix your own tinted moisturizer is to use a mini plastic cosmetics spatula (available at most beauty supply stores). These little spatulas make scooping out powdered mineral makeup and mixing it into the moisturizer a snap and they’re also great for scraping that last bit of product from the bottom of a cosmetics jar.

Tips :Add a bit of powdered bronzer to your tinted moisturizer during the summer to make your skin look like it's been in the sun.

You may need to use concealer with your mineral tinted moisturizer to cover imperfections. 

I wish to try
  •  Laura Mercier oil free Tinted Moisturizer  ,  
  • Korres Watermelon Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 ,
  • Aveda Inner Light Tinted Moisture SPF 15,
  • Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer With Sunscreen SPF 20
  •  Estee Lauder DayWear Plus Multi Protection Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15

Whats on your Tinted moisturizer wish list?
Have you tried Homemade tinted moisturizer Ever before?
Which is your favorite Tinted Moisturizer


  1. Nice, nice!!! :) I love Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer btw! It makes my skin smooth, it contains SPF20 and for a tinted moisturizer the coverage is pretty good!! ;)

  2. Yes, I do. It's easier for me to. I also use mufe f&b

  3. Interesting, great for sharing!

  4. Hi sarah:)
    My tinted moisturizer wish list will be anything natural & organic tinted moisturizers.Never tried any homemade tinted moisturizer before.
    My fave tinted moisturizer will be..hmm..I dunno.Can bb cream be considered as tinted moisturizer? They almost look alike(but some of bb creams did cover blemishes and spot,though it still felt light on skin)..

  5. @Stavroula
    Thanks for sharing , we have Neutrogena available heer , i will have to check if i can get this :)

  6. @Kim
    Mufe f& b , heard so much about it :)

  7. @Lovely CosMe
    hehe i always wondered if BB creams are considered or can be compared as TM

  8. I love tinted mositurisers for the pretty dewy glow they give. Though I have never made one with minerals foundation, I will keep your tips in mind :D

  9. Nice tips .
    thankss for sharing .
    i usually make with my regular liquid foundation

  10. Hmm..I think some bb creams=TM(like hanskin bb creams,etude bb magic,no coverage.But some others are better than TM,it covers well but still feels light on our skin.You should try every bb cream because it's different one another.Some give you a matte look,some give you glowing look,some give you dewy look.It's a"weird"product if I can define it in just one word..

  11. hi,
    Thanks for the tips, Sarah! Recently i read in another blog saying that, tinted moisturizer suits best those with normal skin to provide coverage.
    I bought Rimmel's foundation, only to find out that it doesn't really do the job. U__U Makes me wanna give up on the whole foundation thingie..
    Will try this in the future. I think, i shall go foundation-less in the meantime..XD

  12. Wow this is really nice! Two in one! I better try this. I have been wondering how to fuse coverage and moisturizing together.

  13. I really like your site.Thanks for the tips

  14. Great post. I also do the same trick. Just came over your blog and then could not stop reading one by one all posts. Great work Sarah.


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