Thursday, June 3, 2010

Glossicious Guest Blogger with Rimmel London Mono blush Review

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Today's Glossicious Guest Blogger is Talented Sara,I am amazed how talented Sara H is , really you girls should run to see her ahhamzing eye make , she is naturally talented and SUPER-Pretty. check out here blog here
I was more than thrilled when she agreed on being guest blogger for Glossicious, so

Over to you Sara( did anyone notice we share same name??)

    * This is my first time i am guest blogging and i am really excited to do it for Sarah from Glossicious and let me tell you girls that Glossicious is an awesome blog and Sarah is a very nice person and she's doing a great job on it ^ ^.
     Well today, I am going to review my favorite powder blush. Its called the Rimmel London Mono blush.
   * What it is:

     Mono Blush Silky smooth powder for a natural healthy colour.
       Pink Rose (004)
     Smoked Oyster (037)
    Bronze (041)
     Misty Rose (016)
    Coral Rose (012)
     Santa Rose (001)

 I got mine in Santa Rose which is just perfect for summers i guess. Its pink and has a little shimmer in it. I love it because it gives a natural flush on your cheeks. I have bought it again and again in the very same color because it really suits me. Its very easy to apply and stays on for long.

Price:You can get it for around 3 dollars (Rs. 450 in Pakistan ).
Available at: All large Mall / shopping centers where rimmel counters are present.

 Okay lets jump on to the pro and cons:


  •     * Very Natural
  •     * Best for daytime use
  •     * In expensive
  • *pigmented

  • *  Packaging: it could've been better (though i like the crown on it)

You can always check out the Rimmel London's website here


Thanks sara for reviewing this blush of Glossicious Ladies, err and damn how did you know i am going through a BLUSH-Phase, now i will have to check this one out too.
Fyi: I have read Rimmel Londons mono blush in Santa Rose could be pretty good dupe for Nars Orgasm if anyone wanted another cheapy version. ;) I haven't tried both so if anyone of Glossisiocus reader has both of them , could you please update me on this

and Thank you so much Sara for your lovely words :)

So Glossicious Question of the day : 
How many of you girls have tried Rimmel London Mono blush? Raise your hands


  1. I'm following Sara H as well and she's got a good blog and she's always leave a good word when she comes on your blog, love her xoxo
    I never tried this blush but I should ;)
    Lots of love

  2. Very nice review.
    i have one in Pink rose and i love it.

  3. I haven't tried it and we don't have rimmel here so doesn't look like I will anytime soon :(

  4. thank you sarah for you lovely words and liloo you too :D

  5. I have this blush and really love it's colour

  6. wow almost you all have it :) i musthave it too*tranced*

    @ KI
    no rimmel? why ? really ? *mean laugh* its first time i am hearing that pakistan has some brand wic india doesnt have

  7. YAY! So excited to see you as a guest blogger! You were so right! This is definitely a blog I'm going to have to add to my favorites!


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥