Sunday, June 20, 2010

Glossicious Confession Time & Garnier Color Naturals

Its Glossicious confession time: I hate my premature Grey hair,  I experimented on them alot ,I got highlights , low lights , streaks , and  i dyed them when i was in college red, purple, brown, NEVER blonde though*looks into hair dye section* Summary: They suffered alot and Thanks to my family.. NOT .. heritage i was blessed with grey hair naturally.

  I would have loved them if i was Richard Gere, seriously ,But i am not*surprise surprise* and i don't look a tad bit pretty when my roots start showing and make me look 10 years older.
Premature grey hair mean often dying the roots, as my hair growth is faster i need to dye them after every 2 weeks. I have used many brands, L'oreal excellence, Revlon , Wella , and few others.

 Garnier, which was launched in Pakistan in July 2009.

Garnier, which is owned by the world’s leading beauty company, L’Oréal S.A, is renowned for its wide range of quality Hair Color, Hair Care and Skin Care products. This includes Garnier Color Naturals, a range of Hair Colors that is enriched with Natural Olive Oil. Their Skin Naturals line includes Garnier Light enriched with Pure Lemon Essence and Vitamin C and Garnier Essentials infused with Vitamin E. In Hair Care, the Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Styling products enjoy ready acceptance amongst consumers in Pakistan.
The brand’s renowned range of quality hair color products include the Color Naturals product line, a hair color that is enriched with Natural Olive Oil. Color Naturals is an extremely delicate formula with natural oil that gives a durable and brilliant color without harming the hair. Garnier Color Naturals also contains an after color care conditioner, which too is enriched with natural olive oil. The olive oil in the hair color and the post color conditioner melt into the hair to help protect it from dryness and leave it soft to the touch, shiny and always looking healthy. For generations Pakistani women have benefited from the richness of olive oil and its ability to preserve hair’s shine and luster. Finally, this key hair beauty ingredient can now be found in a hair color!
I was glad to see Juggan kazim in Granier natural ad on tv few months back. I personally feel she is stunning , beautiful and totally gorgeous.Juggun Kazim is official Brand Ambassador for Garnier Hair and Skin Care.Juggun Kazim is fast becoming one of the most recognized stars in the country, is a dynamic actress and celebrated television host.

Have you watched the ad ? No?
Here's the you tube version .


You are welcome !

Any one of my Glossicious Girls dye their  locks? OR suffer from premature Grey hair? Which hair dyes you prefer?
I like to be nosy


  1. I got 2 grey hairs and I'm 26!! I've had one of them since I was 17! lol! I like L'Oreal Excellence (I used to dye my hair black just because I liked it, not because of the 2 grey hairs)

  2. my mom used L'Oreal Excellence she loves it .

  3. Oh I have experimented a lot too! For the first time I haven't colored my hair since last Oct n my hair has "healed"
    Before that I was so obsessed that I would change my color up to 3 times a month!
    I love Loreal Excellence Creme, Natural Instincts, Loreal Feria. Too bad last 2 aren't available in India atm

    Btw, first time I'm seeing Pakistani ad....Nice n in Hindi too :D


  4. lolz its the same ad as Garnier's indian one.
    I was so obsessed too, now i realized my obsession has become my necessity = Grey hair


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