Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Favourites: Makeup Brushes (for travelling )

When you Girls! read this post i will be on my way to lahore . I would be spending some time with my sister  and my nephew*mwah*

Read on!
Once upon a time i was obsessed with makeup brushes, I still i am , so wanna buy sigma makeup brushes  , mean while i bought some , threw away most of them . I travel a lot , usually twice a month for a week or less.I don't like packing heavy , so i am gonna share with you my favorite brushes which i tug along me when i travel or use when i am at home even.
If i am in pleasant mood i will share my makeup brush collection someday :)

First i will do the face brushes

1 Coastal Scents Italian Badger Angle Blush Brush This brush is absolutely soft and applies color so beautifully! It offers more control than a regular blush brush,I use this usually for contouring and I love that its dense enough to pick up color wonderfully.blends my contour powder very good, It works great for jaw line and cheek bone.  I use this brush when i travel for contouring and for blush, you know 2 in 1 *Read Full review here
2.E.L.F. Studio Angled Foundation Brush I normally don't use this for foundation. It's head is way too small for my big face  but this works pretty well Bronzer/highlighter brush for me too
E.l.f. Studio Powder Brush  costs $ 3, The synthetic bristles are extremely soft and very dense.As it is a flat top brush, the coverage is from medium to full, which is what I want.Its my Must have brush. I would highly recommend it. It doesn't shed at all.seriously. Its on the top of my favorite list
4-ELF studio Kabuki face brush I needed a kabuki brush to make it easier to apply my mineral foundation and i am glad i don't have to look any further or anywhere else.The best thing I can say about this brush is that it makes application of all mineral products  MUCH less messy.I absolutely love it- No shedding, no dyes and no chemical smell.* Read full review here*

Now let move on the eye makeup brushes, which i always grab when i am out traveling and i know i would have to use eye makeup, these are some of my favorite eye makeup brushes, I am not featuring my angled eyeliner brush, because its a must for me and i have to have it , no matter what for my gel liners, i use Revlon professional angled eyeliner brush

1 Luscious Eyeshadow blending brush,This is probably one of my favorite eyeshadow brushes It's super soft and dense.Its a great blending brush, but is just small enough to where you feel you have enough control applying color with it*Full review here*
2 Luscious shader brush, its perfect for smudging and blending eyeliner below the lashes for a easy smokey look*Full review here*
3.Barry M eyeshadow brush I got it with one of their Get the look gift set in pink ,This is a great shadow brush. I use it all the time with my pressed eyeshadow.
4Coastal Scents Concealer Brush I absolutely love this brush.i use this for the under eye or face and then softly pad over the concealer with my finger to settle it down.I washed it so many time , has kept it's shape.
5 Coastal scents Chisel Fluff Large Shadow Brush I normally use this brush with my loose eyeshadow ,pigments or mineral eyeshadow ,It's perfect for pressing eye shadow or pigments, means not for sweeping but pressing. It is  soft yet sturdy enough for perfect application and very dense, Picks perfect amount of eyeshadow.

I pack my brushes in this cute zipper bag i got from variety book ,Liberty Lahore,for like 95 -100 rs.

I would love you to share some of your favorite brushes. if you do a post , leave me a link the comments , i will love to read.

Which brush is your favorite at the moment?

For Pakistani Readers: I got Elf Brushes from when my borther was in UK , but sadly they dont deliver to Pakistan ,I got Angled foundation brush from Makeupmix shop.Toma delivers to Pakistan ,she has ELF brushes, if you don't have pay pal ,she accepts Google check out,just convo her, she is very friendly


  1. I loved the elf studio powder brush and luscious blending brush. Luscious brushes look very nice.

    Enjoy your holidays. :)

  2. What do you use the ELF powder brush for? Just powder? I've heard it can be used as a stippling brush?

  3. @ Rati
    Thanks hon !
    Luscious eye makeup brushes are fantastic

    @ Ki
    Sorry I forgot to mention , I sue powder brush for stippling , buffing and blending , I use it sometimes with mineral foundations. Its an excellent investment .. And excellent brush

  4. Sue ??? Not sue its use , darn auto text

  5. That kabuki looks lovely! My favourite brushes are the body shop ones I absolutely love them! xxx

  6. Thanks a lot for this useful post infact I was going to ask you to do a post on make up brushes.
    Now can you please tell us about black head removal methods

  7. thanks a bunch for this. i have a brush set but i'm never quite sure if i'm using the right brush for the right application. this was just the tutorial i needed.

  8. How do you like ELF's brushes? MY sister purchased a set months ago, and she hasn't used them YET! I can't even ask her

    Great post by the way

  9. hey sarah i plan on buying luscious brush kit is it worth it?

  10. @kim
    I like ELF studio face brushes a lot. Blush brush is bit small for blush for my face though. I have their regular line eye shadow brush, don't like it .its bit scratchy

    If you like eyemakeup,then their 12pcs kit , is good. As it lacks face brushes.

    I'm sorry :( I will do it as soon as I go back home.pakka

    @sara,mrs Halimah ,may
    Thanks my lovely girls :)

  11. I want Elf brushes!!! I will check out that store now for sure. Loving all yr brushes girl!



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