Monday, June 21, 2010

EOTD:Bright, Glowy, Bronzey and ready for summer!

i wanted to try something bronzey and end up with the bright, glowy, bronze, and ready for summer Eyes. Its a pretty change for a smoky eyes makeup lover.
Small step towards bronzy gold eye makeup and a large step towards bronzy glowing summer face. Very original

I tried this look with fake lashes, I am wearing Eldora lashes and ofcourse contact lenses

How do you like it?
or should i stick with my dark smoky eyes?
Yay or Nay?


  1. I absolutely love this. But then again, I am new follower, and not seen all your looks yet. this one has got all the thumbs up from me.


  2. I think it looks great! ;) love the eyeliner shape! btw what's the color of your eyes? :)

  3. @liloo
    i usually go for darker shades but yaye you like dit :) thanks

  4. @Stavroula
    thanks love, i got dark brown eyes. can i say chocolate brown:P

  5. WOW.. this looks so Egyptianesque :) love it ^ ^

  6. I love this! I think this look is very versatile. :D

  7. Yay for me. Yr eyes look almost tiger-like but very wearable for everyday :D

    Beautiful contacts!


  8. Pretty! Love the winged eye too

  9. I love how the eyeshadow goes with the light brown in your lenses. Gorgeous!


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥