Sunday, May 30, 2010

My 4 favourite Nude/Neutral Lipsticks

Nude lips can be very flattering, if you choose the right shade for your skin

Nude lip aka Naked lip has always been one of my ultimate obsessions. A bare face with some blush and flesh colored lipcolor creates a flawless look. Add heavy shadows, liner, and mascara to the eyes and you're sure to look extra edgy! Stars like Jennifer Lopez Rihanna and Nicole from PCD has coined this look 

I absolutely LOVE nude lipsticks Here are some of my favorite nude lipsticks

ELF Natural nymph

Obviously too light for my NC35 skin,It's like a concealer for my lips.However, I have absolutely fallen in love with this when used in conjunction with gloss. It's still a nude lip, but with gloss I get a tiny hint of color and shine

I love marks & spencers lipsticks particularly this one not only is it good value for money but it is also a fantastic lipstick. very moisturising and stays on your lips for ages. 

MAC Satin Lipstick Myth
Perfect nude color.Its very matte, so i usually wear clear gloss over it, Goes great with any gloss on top.
No lipstick ever came ever nearly as NUDE as is a nice pale nude without being too pink, Grey, beige or peach. It is pretty pigmented. Review and Swatch here
Its a true nude but with peach undertones , it has creamy texture and smooth finish Like all moisturizing lippies,staying power isn't so great.I love nude deligh, love how it turns out on my lips and it Doesn't wash me out , in fact its close to skin color. Review and swatch here

What is the best "nude" lipstick you have ever used?


  1. i have used the Rimmel one i must say its great.. its one of my fav lipsticks ever :)

  2. My favourite is 'sweetness' by clinique it's a really beautiful shade and has a really good texture

  3. love quiet please by MAC :)

  4. Sad to say,but I don't have any fave nude lipstick(I don't even know how to wear it without making me pale like an ill person)!..
    Any idea how to wear it without being pale,Sarah?..

  5. I love Gosh Darling, its my HG nude :) xx

  6. My favorite nude lips is Honolulu Honey by NARS!!! So pretty...

  7. i'm a nude lipstick newbie! i've just got around to discovering them, i've only tried one brand so far and i love it! besame lipstick, it's kinda like a buttery nude color, i wana try something a little bit more nude tho, thanks for the list :)

  8. I have two that I truly love... NYX round l/s in Cinnamon Sugar and Rimmel l/s in Birthday Suit. Both compliment my skintone well for the nude lip look.

  9. My current fave is Revlon's Colorburst in Soft Nude!!!

  10. One of my faves is Revlon's Matte Lipstick in Nude Attitude. Love it!

    xo Nicole

  11. I don't think I've seen makeup at my Marks and Spencer! It certainly sounds like a fantastic lipstick. I've heard so much about the elf mineral lipsticks and here's another good review. Time I give it a try


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