Friday, May 21, 2010

I has a Sad !!!

I am sad !!! really sad. My internet has been acting dodgy lately. Infact its not working since yesterday and i am writing this blog from my brother's laptop via his mobile internet. argh how much i hate using some one else's laptop, because no pictures no music and no downloaded torrents of super natural( i am Huge fan) , gossip girl, new adventures of old Christine, romantically challenged , true blood,How i met your your mother, two and half men ,desperate housewives.. trust me List is LOOONG
So where was i ? Yes!! no internet , means no blogging,no new posts, no google reader(Thank God for Mobile version) , no commenting on your posts , no downloading and .. no face book , no youtube, no electricity today for 5 hours, It seems i am living in stone age.
I have loads of posts lined up. I received some products for reviews purposes.They are gorgeous, If you follow me on twitter , you'd know that how gloomy i was , because few of my parcels went missing. i was , and still am whining over twitter. follow me and cheer me up @makeupdivaa

 I will be back as soon as my internet is back. I promise

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  1. aww...somebody has sads :-(

    Hope the packets reach you soon and also the internet shows up..

    Btw, FB banned there?? Saw in news..

    Anyways..till then cheerio..will glossip in Twittah

    love ya

  2. Aww I wouldn't know what to do without my internet. Sorry to hear that

  3. aww i hate if no electricity !! cheerss sarah :)

  4. I think you can still update your blog via your mobile phone Sarah:) choose the one with any of these facilities:RSS feed or RSS reader(RSS feed is better I guess)..

    Get back soon..^^

  5. that's too bad.. I hope it'll be over soon! :) Cheer up Sarah! ^^

  6. Aww, hope it's going to be over soon! But at least you can use your brother's laptop.. It's surely better than nothing :) x

  7. Love love love from me coming your waaaaaay :D

  8. i have given you the sweet blog award :) you really deserve this. i so love your blog ^ ^

    check it here:

  9. I gave you a blog award…blog-link-love/

  10. so happy to read that you like How I met your mother and desperate housewives I love these shows and also Grey's anatomy

  11. Thank you so much my girlies i am feeling mucho better, i recieved my big liz earle package today and i think skin pampering is changing my mood for good

    @ alvira
    iam such coach potato, i watch every drama :P

    @ KIM and Sara
    Blog awards,, eeek i havent had these for quite a time now i am rushing over to your blogs now


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥