Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Review & Lip Swatch-Luscious Lip Couture in Paparazzi

 What a treat we have for you today,The life of a beauty Bloggers, for  is definately appealing!
I am so happy to start the Guest blogging with a wonderful Pakistani girl who loves makeup equally as all of us.I am so excited to share today's guest Blogger with you Aneela .
Today Aneela is bringing you some Lip swatches Yes ! Same Luscious Lip Couture which you girls loved in my Sneak peak post.

Please extend a warm welcome to Aneela ,by all means, go check out her lip swatch and mini review for Luscious Lip Couture , after the jump
Over to you Aneela :)

What is  Luscious Lip Couture ?

website says:
vibrantly rich colour and shine in a luxurious, creamy formula. A Luscious innovation that provides the full colour coverage of a lipstick and gorgeous shine of a lip gloss. Conditions your lips in a hydrating cushion of pure indulgence in 7 stunning shades. Inspired by the world of high fashion, it's couture for your lips.  
Available  in 7 shades

i have bought the shade Paparazzi online from Luscious website.
Its sooo good even much much better than Lipstick and gloss, Yes I love it ! because it has both qualities in one product with such great pigmentation.I love  the staying power , color doesn't fade.Iinfact i love its staying power. it
lasts for at least 6 hours. I applied it during morning, i ate my lunch , Thanks to this heatwave i drank many glasses of water and still i didnt completely fade away, thats the best quality.
It has shine like a gloss and rich color payoff like a lipstick.What more can a girl ask for? :)
I am so pleased with Luscious Lip coutures that i have placed another order with Fashionista and Muse . I am keenly waiting for my order. I am excited to try those as well

Shade descriptionIts has very cute pink color( with violet/ purple undertone??), shocking pink but in a nice way. not
very bold that one wouldn't want to wear. It looks lovely on lips.

Texture :Its a creamy product, very vibrant rich color.Its wearable at any time
of the day and it has lip plumper qualities  in it as well as u feel plmping sensation after few seconds of application

Price: rs 575
Places to Buy: Luscious website  with free nation wide delivery ,and Available at some stores/ Malls nationwide in some selected cities
Would I repurchase: ofcourse i have already placed my second lip couture order.I would share the swatches if you girls would be interested

Wow Aneela i am so tempted to try lip coutures after reading your views , I am loving Muse so much . I cant wait to see your next batch of swatches :) Thank you being the first Guest blogger over here on Glossicious

What do you say girls? love it or leave it? 


  1. Thx for sharing :) love it ;)


  2. sara the idea of introducing a guest blogger is really good and aneela I really liked your in depth review about the product I am definitely gonna buy luscioucs lip couture really love their shades

  3. Guest reviews are pretty fun, aren't they? Great post :D

  4. @lillo
    thanks for commenting :)

    @ mehr
    thanks hon! means alot

    @ alvira & Ki
    To be honest im not the first one here to have a guest blogger but i am excited, aneela is a sweet girl who has practically no experience in blogging and she has done a great job.Lokking forward for her more lip couture swatches,hehe

  5. @lilo:
    Thanks alot for ur appreciation :)

  6. @alvira:

    Thank you sooo much for liking. yeah do buy this product. its a worth buying. i m sure u gonna love this.


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