Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Revlon Pinch Me Sheer Gel Blush-Review

Revlon describes the Pinch Me Cheek Gels as, "Get cheeky! Highlight your cheekbones with a sheer wash of color to create a naturally flushed look. Unique, translucent gel formula is lightweight and easy to blend. Available in an array of 4 flirty and enticing colors."

Revlon Pinch Me comes in four colors: 

  • * Playful Pink: this colour looks dark pink with a very faint hint of purple.
  • * Peach Afterglow: looks a dewy lovely delicate peach.
  • * Cheeky Cherry: delicate rich cherry colour.
  • * Plum Flushed: a real plum colour that is a little lighter than Playful Pink.  

 I tried the gel blush in Plum Flushed and the lip stain in Plum Wicked( review = swatch coming soon) and loved both products for the sheer, natural effect they produced on my lips and cheeks.
Revlon Pinch Me Sheer Gel Blush formula is very light weight and easy to blend.This stains looks very dark in the bottle but is sheer and subtle on my skin. Its very build able
How I use:For the gel blush, I put one pump of the  Revlon Pinch Me Sheer Gel Blush on the back of my hand and my middle and ring fingers , i dab the color on my cheeks a little at a time with , building the color slowly. It isn't sticky or heavy. It looks like I just blushed. :)
I have worn this gel blush with foundation and without and both times my cheeks look beautiful.
 I could only find one Con that is badly-designed bottle pump.A big glop comes out when you keep pumping , so its kind of a waste, i usually take off the top and put back the extra in the bottle.

Do you have any  favorite cheek tint/ stain? 

UPDATE:Revlon released their Pinch Me Sheer Cheek Gels in 08 as part of their limited edition. Though it's supposed to be limited edition, there's more than plenty still hanging out on online stores. I bought mine from here 


  1. o wow i've never seen this before! is this new and only available in pakistan?

  2. hi jenny, i havent seen it in pakistan , it was released in 08, and i got mine from online store :)

  3. I hve heard so much about, glad you did the review. but I wonder if we have it in India...

  4. aww.. i've seen this online before, but they don't release it here in Indonesia..too bad.. T_T
    but i like it in your face! it turned out so pretty, like it! ^^


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