Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Eldora False Eyelashes

Warning: I was sent some Eldora false eyelashes for the purpose of review last week, so in coming days you would be seeing my one sexy eye with some awsome false eyelashes ;)

About Eldora Lahes
A little about Eldora lashes, with more than 200 types of designs to choose from, their extensive collections are perfect for any occasions. They are all made from the same manufacturer as the world leading false eyelashes brand. Therefore the quality is guaranteed. Every pair of Eldora eyelashes is made from synthetic or sterelised human hair. Our manufacturer has been internationally awarded for its Quality Management Systems and is committed to protecting the environment and is thus working to obtain the relevant certification for Environmental Management Systems. 

I love Eldora Natural lashes B110)lashes! I get the most amazing thick yet natural lashes with these .In my heart i knew i will mess it up a little as i always do, but I managed to get them on second try as you can see the results for yourself on this page.I love how lashes change the whole look , but the trickiest part of any lashes is applying the glue and then getting them right on your own lashes.Its Like a fight for me as i am very messy and i tend to get glue everywhere BUT on lashes *sighs*
I am pretty pleased with the eldora eyelash glue , its  sticky and not messy ( 5 stars from me) it dries fairly quickly which makes is easy to apply.Its a white glue with a whitish blue opal sheen.
tip: i forgot in these pictures but i usually line my upper lash line with a black liquid eyeliner before applying lashes this way ,no one will notice "that "thin band at the base. A black liquid liner  hide that band. .
i usually use a toothpick to apply a speck of glue on the loose edge.I used Q tip once and let me tell you, it was a bad idea.
 The eyelash strip was perfect for my eyes. I didn't need to trim the lashes to fit the length. These lashes have a very natural curl to them,so after they blended perfectly with my natural lashes and gave a very natural look,although they’re still quite long compared to “normal” my eyelashes.I would use them on a daily basis( if i had a life outside my room) and maybe sometimes for special occasions ,I’d be much more likely to wear these during the day ones.

Eldora  offer free UK delivery at any purchases and free worldwide delivery for purchases above GBP20.00. Otherwise, worldwide delivery is at GBP4.90.
 For make-up artists, there will be a special discount. Every week, there will be different lashes on promotion. Eldora  also do giveaway  false eyelashes for competition on their facebook page at Eldora False do check that out

What do you think about false/ fake lashes? yay or nay?

disclaimer:I was sent these lashes for free from Eldora for review purposes


  1. They look really nice and very natural!! I wish I had these too!

  2. They are looking so natural unlike many other branded eye lashes which are jet black in color.

  3. Wow these lashes looks very natural ! I likeeeeee :)


  4. Pretty! they look easy to wear as well (:

  5. There are many different styles of false lashes, from subtle to extravagant and come as a strip or as individual lash inserts. Many leading stores now stock DIY false lashes which are great for popping on for a night out with the girls. They are usually prices at around £5-£8 and come with a handy tube of glue to apply to the eye lid.
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