Thursday, March 4, 2010

Sneak Peak:Luscious Cosmetics Spring 2010 collection


 I am a HUGE international brands fan, i hardly buy any local brands,i am awful i know.
But while browsing i came across Luscious Spring 2010 Nail polish collection . I am impressed.
These Nail lacquers look fab,and i am glad that this time they have more variety in shades.It looks they included pastels, metallic and Maybe glitter( i am not sure as i can hardly see the shades name ) in Spring 2010 collection .I already have some favorites like Silver lining , Sand Dune,New moon , cotton candy. I was impressed with Luscious Nail lacquer when i bought two of their then newly launched colors in  Cybil and caramel back in DEC/Jan 2010 . I would be picking up quite few bottles from theit spring collection.In Pakistan we don't get OPI, but i am happy with luscious as for me they are affordable alternate for OPI.

The new Luscious Cosmetics website is now online with new products and promotions! Visit them at .They do deliver internationally too.

I am curious to try their Luscious Studio Secret Concealer 
I literally don't need anymore foundation i already have so many from international brand but er um attracted towards Luscious Foundation which claims to be truly flawless,oil-free silicone formula will keep your skin looking deliciously fresh and matte without appearing heavy. I see my lemming list growing.
Please  convince me , scold me , tie me up and take my wallet away ,tel me, that I must not visit Luscious counter during my trip to Lahore mid march
whome i kidding

Which Luscious Cosmetics Spring 2010 collection nail lacquer is your fav?

and if you are a local will be you buying some?
i am unlikely to get any reply on 2nd question as i suspect i have any local readers


  1. Other than fuschia, I love everything here, dear!
    Hope u r doing fine!

  2. Oh yeah Sweetie..

    I came to know of Luscious only through this post and I went all over their site..stuff looks quite good..and very very reasonable too.

    Is this range comparable to Lakme of India(sorry I did not mean quality wise) I mean their market share.

    Anyways thanks for introducing this new brand to me :-)

  3. they do look lovely. cant wait to try these :)

    @ Pooenima
    range isnt comparable to lakme at all, lakme has amazing variety of products where as lucious is a baby brand , still developing .


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