Friday, March 12, 2010

Luscious Studio Secret Concealer-Review

I swear by, live by, won’t leave the house without Luscious Studio Secret Concealer now on.

Website says:
A patented breakthrough formulation that magically covers and brightens under-eye circles, erases blemishes, dark spots and imperfections to create a flawless complexion. Provides smooth, long-lasting, invisible coverage for an air-brushed finish.
Glossicious Says:
I have been searching for the perfect concealer for decades.  Well its not true, i was a concealer virgin until October 2009, when i officially started blogging , now i own like 6 concealers and i want to buy more as none of them satisfied my left side of face which is more sensitive, with some open pores, blemished and dry patches.The problem is that there is no single concealer that is perfect for everyone. Locating the correct concealer for your skin type and skin tone can be both frustrating and expensive, It takes years to find your soul mate.. i mean your HG Concealer :D
I have very  sensitive skin which is not getting better, and i get redness,blotchy spots,breakouts now and then.I am glad to report that it didn't irritate my skin and felt great on , it feels light on skin and doesn't suffocate it.
The texture is light and creamy and glides on smoothly. Its thick enough to not be cakey but it has more coverage than my other liquid concealer. At first, I thought the Golden Beige might be a bit too light but once my face was finished, it blended well.I find that this gives a quite even finish, covering my dark spots,redness and under eye area well, although not completely but whenever i looked in the mirror, I loved what i saw. My face looked fresh, almost flawless.
I don't have  bad dark circles, *touch wood*  but i loved how it conceals and brighten my eye area. Those with mild to moderate dark circles will probably find this is all they need.

Luscious Studio Secret Concealer comes in three shades according to their website. There is Light Beige, Medium Beige, and  Golden Beige.
On the negative side, the concealer currently comes in only three shades.Hopefully, the company will be adding more shades to their collection.
The Packaging 

 Packaged in a convenient brush-pen for a precise application.The easy-to-use pen applicator is great  and the brush tip allows me to use as much or as little concealer as I need.Although one has to be careful while twisting the base, sometimes more comes out ,and it goes wasted. Its small and sleek, would fit any bag,purse,clutch easily

 For the quickest touch-up job ever, give this portable pen a click and twist, then use the brush tip to apply the lightweight concealer inside.It will give you bright,glowing and flawless face.Highly Recommended!

you can check out Luscious products here

Which is your current HG concealer??


  1. This does look like a good product. I too was like this-never used concealer before.My one and only concealer is from TBS and I didnt like it much. Now anyways I am planning for another one-maybe colorbar or something :-)

    Nice review.The pics really helped in showing the effects.

  2. This syuff looks s good and does a good job at concealing as well. :)We obviously don't get it here in India. Sigh!

    GGG thanks for the TBS update. I was always wondering about that concealer. :)

    Hey, i love that header.

  3. Hey!!! My gawd i never knew concealer can bring so much of difference...

    Nice blog...but sadly i don think so this product is in India too:)

  4. I wish I had colorbar,inglot,bourjois etc etc here but alas can't but Thank God I have Luscious :p
    Hey girls,this stuff is amazinng. Really ,in my first pic you can't see the imprefections clearly but seriously my face suffers from so many things and after applying this,it looks almost perfect. Loved it.

    Glad you liked header
    Now I own my own domain I think my site needs little more

  5. Sarah,

    Does Luscious ship to India? Their range looks quite affordable :-)

  6. @ Rati :yup. In fact I saw some good reviews on the net about TBS concealer. But I find it too dry and thick :-(

  7. Loving the coverage!
    Loving your blog. Just wondering if you'd like to check my blog in the making----

    Thanks love =)

  8. Oh wow it does make cover yr spots..impressive
    Yr new banner looks good!

  9. Nice review, the concealer does a pretty good job at covering your eye area!

  10. hey love! you were tagged for a blogger award

  11. @ poornima
    Their website states they do deliver to india.If you are interested I can ask them

    @ aline

    Thanks hon! Sure jus checked out your blog :) following it now

    @ marce

    This stuff is really great,stayed nicely on for many hours

    @ cynthia
    I had google for "glossy "lips lolz

    @ mary

    Yayeeee... Thanks babe.wil check it out right away

  12. Ooo this looks nice! Easy application is always wonderful too! I have yet to find my HG, a great cheap-o is NYX concealer jar. May be a little cakey for some though, I don't think its bad. My fav is actually this little sampe sized one but it just has theater makeip on it in color beige I believe so I dont know where to get it! I got it in a swap! I will have to investigate (let me know if you are interested in knowing too!) but it covers very well and is still smooth. ♥

  13. of course do let me know . i always love to know new brands and products

  14. I too just jumped onto the concealer bandwagon a few days ago.. I am currently using NYX concealer in a jar (in shade glow) as well Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer.

    Of the two I have to say the Bourjois one is much better for the undereyes, it gives way better coverage yet looks completely natural, but NYX is much creamier and smoother and better for for the dark nose area..

    Unfortunately both retail only 3 shades in India - I could not find my perfect match in NYX - it is one shade lighter than my foundation color. But in Bourjois I found my exact match in 53 - Dark radiance. Even my foundation is no. 53 in bourjois.

  15. Does it cover dark circles well?
    I have like.. DISASTROUS darkcircles XD


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