Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jenulence Mineral Eye shadows and Blush -Review

I got two Jenulence Mineral Eye shadows and Blush in the post few days back.
I’ve been really into mineral makeup lately, so i was thrilled when i got the package.
Package came with a company brochure and a visiting card .It was nicely and safely packed.
I love mineral makeup for the fact that it has no expiration date as long as it is kept dry. That means that you can add mineral makeup to your collection and keep it until you run out; regardless of how long that takes.


 Wild Orchid mineral blush is a perfect winter/autumn cheek color. Gives any face fresh, 'winters rosy cheeks' look. It is bright, semi-matte, dewy mauve/pink mineral blush.
Ingredients: Mica, titanium dioxide, sericite, cosmetic grade pigments: ultramarine violet, ultramarine pink and manganese violet.

Very pretty PINK.Okay i love blushes, its one of Jenya's favorite too. i love pink ones more than any other . So when i opened the jar i was so excited ,its a perfect pink blush .I love this blush. I love pink blushers( didnt i say this before). This one is quite pigmented, i mean really very pigmented A little bit goes a long way, a light dusting is all you need to liven up your checks and like the eyeshadow it stays fresh all day.I also like how build able the color is. You can make it as bold or light as you want.Its defiantly build able

Word of Advise : This is a HIGHLY pigmented blush, so i would suggest you to use it light handed or would end up looking like a joker ,that is how i looked when i applied it with excitement for first time.

 Eye Shadow: Sparkling Aquamarine

Bright ocean-green color sparkling eye shadow. Ingredients: Mica powder, may contain sericite, titanium dioxide and cosmetic pigments, such as ultramarine blue and chromium oxide green

Eye Shadow: Sparkling Blue

Bright light pearlescent silver blue color sparkling eye shadow.
Ingredients: Mica powder, may contain sericite, titanium dioxide and cosmetic pigment, such as ultramarine blue.

( eyeshadow swatched wet)

My Thoughts:

The shades are pigmented and quite fine textured with a slight shimmer to each eyeshadow. Both went on very smoothly and the color was build able so you can take your look from subtle to dramatic.I am loving these sparkly eye shadows, they last the whole day. The color payoff is fantastic They are beautiful and subtle.I had a little fall out issue with blue.But i loved playing with both.I would be purchasing some of Jenulence  eyeshadow in future for sure.

Website says
JenulenceTM mineral makeup is handcrafted using synthetic-free high quality natural minerals and cosmetic pigments. We do not use synthetic preservatives, talc, nano-particles or micronized minerals in our mineral makeup. Our mineral cosmetics is available for different skin tones. It works for both women and men of all ethnic origins. It is water and sweat-resistant, hypoallergenic, doesn't clog the pores, and delivers complete sun protection.
Our mineral makeup and all-natural skincare products are ideal for those with chemical sensitivities, sensitive or sun-damaged skin and for anyone who is health-conscious and would like to use non-toxic natural skincare and cosmetics.

Our products a 100% cruelty free; they are not tested on animals.
Jenulence motto is: If you can’t eat it, don’t use it on your skin!”

 Jenulence has a wide variety of eco-friendly products ranging from ,Mineral Makeup,Natural Skin Care,Bath and Body and there is something for men too Men's Products

You can Find Jenulence on  Website, and  Etsy. 
Jenya always keep updating her Twitter and Facebook with latest offers,discounts and giveaways so dont forget to fan/follow her.She is a very friendly and sweet lady, dont hesitate to convo her if you have any questions or requests.
Go check her products out , they are great.

For some reason blue eyeshadow reminds me of Mimi (The Drew Carey Show),And makes me giggle hysterically.
Whats your favorite Blue eyeshadow?

Would you like to win Jenulence Eyeshadow?*hint * hint*


  1. I'm such a sucker for pigments and now i've read this I want to go and buy some : ( hehe they look really nice sweetie but thanks for the warning on the blush! x x

  2. wow..

    These look so nice sarah.

    I have not tried min make up as such other than my L'oreal foundation n kohl..The expiry date part is quite tempting.

  3. oo these colours look so nice in swatches :)

  4. Liking the look of these eyeshadows, the colours look fab!
    I have awarded you the Sunshine Award on my blog! :)
    Love and Tickles


  5. ladies these colors look much better in real, they are vibrant and so shimmery without making you look like a discoball ;)


    eeek thanks l, now heading to your blog ,gonna check the award :D

  6. These are so pretty! My fave blue shadow, at least for the time being, is MAC's Deep Truth. Smoky eye in an instant! XO

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