Saturday, March 6, 2010

Its Mail Day :ting tong

Last week was very busy week , i had to attend like 3 weddings and its not just the wedding, there are many pre wedding celebrations, so sometimes it can be very stressful and tiring but apart from these weddings, i was one happy girl. wanna know why?

I took chance and participated in Mary's Giveaway and i was beyond happy when she emailed me and told me I WON. yes i actually won a blog giveaway,I was happy and excited but i was more excited because she was giving some AHHMMAZING prizes
See for yourself :)

I won

MAC eyeshadow in Beauty Marked
Loreal HIP shocking shadow pigment with professional brush in 102 Exciting
ELF brightening eyeshadow in Drama
Lancome absolue replenishing cream
Boscia Cleansing Gel sample
Benefit Crease less shadow/liner in Recces
She also included a hand written note( very cute and adorable)


Now some serious talk , i appreciate Marie's effort ,because i know usually when people or even companies hear  read that i am from Pakistan they weirdly get this idea that Pakistan is perhaps out of this world and will never get mails/packages/products. I have been getting products to review since more than 2 months now and i never had a problem with missing package at all, in fact if you read my previous posts , i was even surprised that i get packages in usually less than 10 days.Cool..!! no?
I order online most of time,and i always get what i pay for without any missing item ( thanks to customs) or any ripped package etc etc
I understand the concerns and everything but i love Marie for not backing out , as one of blogger did in nov/dec 2009 , when i won her giveaway , and she went into shock that i was in Pakistan and had "concerns" , i asked her to pick another winner , but she said she would "try" and send me my prize which was a single piece of jewelery. Nevertheless i never heard from her again nor i got i won. i really dont care if i didnt get the prize but i was hurt that why such discrimination ? But i met some really great people here,some great creative companies through this blog ,I have friends all over the world now, really? it makes me soo happy. they love me , my blog and i love them equally. <3

anyways back to my awsuuuuuuummm gifts, i got them in less than 10 days, safely packed ..:) THANKS MARIE.. you are awsum.yes girls she is,I always wanted to try Loreal HIP pigments and now i have one and Can you see how gorgeous this MAC eyeshadow is? its stunning color, and its my first ever MAC eyeshaodow :)
check out her blog she is an amazing blogger with always updating exciting new posts like FOTD,NOTD,reviews , swatches.In fact she is planning to host her 100 followers giveaway so GO! GO! GO!
 I placed my first ever order with makeupmixshop .They have many affordable products and brands like 

I wanted to try ELF HD powder from quite a time, but as ELF doesnt ship to pakistan i waited until i discovered  makeupmixshop.  Now i cant wait to try other products. Toma ,the owner is extremely  
 friendly, cooperative ,you can convo her if you have any queries or questions, they get back to you in 24 hours,in my case i always got response in less than 24 hours , i asked her if she accepts any other method of payment as we don't have pay pal services in Pakistan and i have account with Google checkout and she said she can invoice me on my Google check out if i want,I was her first ever Pakistani customer, We were  pretty thrilled about it.I didn't face any kind of delay or problem. I trust makeupmixshop  , as i had read great blogger reviews already.everything went smoothly. makeupmixshop shipped my order on Jan 23, and i had package in my hands on FEB 5. :)
I took advantage of their free shipping if you order $15 or more at that time,so don't forget to check out their shop often as they keep updating their products on almost frequent bases

so i got these babies

ELF HD powder
ELF studo blush in Candid Coral
ELF gel liner in Black 
ELF studio angled foundation brush

They were nicely ,safely packed and wrapped in pretty gift paper.
I would ofcourse order again as now i trust makeupmixshop 100% and completely

visit them at makeupmixshop

I am a huge Bourjois Fan, i love their products and their commercials. If you read my prvious post on Bourjois healthy mix foundation , you would know how much i wanted it and knowing that bourjois isnt available in Pakistan wasn't helping
My cousin who lives in UK , sent few makeup products through my uncle last week


She is so sweet a, adorable and teenager .She sent me

Bourjois Healthy mix foundation in beige
Revlon Matt lipstick in Pink Pout
Collection 200 Dazzling Gel liner in FUNK
Collection 200 Dazzling Gel liner in VA VA VOOM
Collection 200 Dazzling Gel liner in LE Freak

i always wanted to try these Collection 200 Dazzling Gel liners since i read sirvinya's review on these and she loves them now i love them.I wore LE Freak last week on a wedding and got many complement that how cool it looks.

So girls, these are the products i got last week.
any request for swatches or reviews?

Drop me a line ;)


  1. Awww..

    You are such a sweet ♥ Sarah..

    In fact, when I saw the luscious site and drooled at the products, I asked my hubby if there would be any problem in receiving shopped items from Pak. He said there could be an opening of parcels by customs.But as long as those articles are in their safe list, they wont bother. I was so happy.

    Maybe some people out there don't just try to find the facts and act..bleh..leave em..

    Btw, swatches..yes..The MAC eyeshadow, Elf,The glitter liners and...Bourjois healthy mix of course..

    Waiting waiting :-)

  2. wow!! Sarah no wonder you are so happy and excited.
    waiting for the photos and reviews.
    have fun with ur new collection.

  3. Yay! congratulations. :) I think this blog is proving to be lucky for you. :)

  4. @poornima

    thanks hon! you are a sweetheart yourself really, i was really motivated by all Indian blogger and they feel me welcomed. i am grateful yar.
    consider it done, i mean swatches and reviews :) i will do bourjois tom .i have pics already taken :)

    @ ani

    welcome and thanks



    LOL .. yeah kinda lucky that im meeting new wonderful girls and plus getting to know so many diff products and brands

  5. Aww I'm so happy to see giveaways go to people that actually need them or find it difficult to obtain. Oh and for your first MAC shadow, you got a great one! Beautymarked is one of my faves.

  6. Congrats =)sweet giveaway, thank you so much for commenting,,,loving your blog <3

  7. congratulations...I have never won any of blog, you tube or any website contest ever....
    I m sure u must be EXCITED....
    No matter hw much we buy, if its a prize...and that too a make-up prize....we all go GAGA>!!

  8. Congrats Sarah! I was so pissed to hear that u didn't get the thing u won in a previous giveaway! :\ . Some pple can be so petty n ignorant. Love all the stuff u got...WOW! Review on Bourjois Healthy Mix pretty please

  9. congrats on winning the giveaway :)

  10. Gorgeous prizes!!!!

    I buy ELF products at UK but I`ve read that they are going to open a website at my country: Spain. I`m glad! :D

    Btw, I am a huge Bourjois Fan too.

  11. Congratulations on winning the giveaway. :) It's sad that there's such discrimination. You're actually lucky that you get packages quickly. In my country, it's either you lose a package or you won't be able to get it due to HIGH customs taxes. *shakes head* There are some lucky ones ones who are still able to get their packages through ordinary air mail. I'm still figuring out how to have items shipped via couriers that won't be too steep for my wallet.

  12. oi. Amei o blog Seu e Ainda mais vc, consegui muuuitas informaçoes otimas. bjs.


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥