Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fing'rs Artifical Nails-Review

I was sent Fing'rs nails a week ago to try out and review if I liked them. I tried them out for a couple of days and they are pretty cool.I fell in love with these nails when I first  saw a review on Ceecile Blog.
Fing'rs has two categories - the very girlie, ultra-feminine California Girl range and the more 'punk/emo' or alternative style Fing'rs Edge.
I received few from both,I will not doing them in one post, as they deserve separate post.
Today i am doing  

The sets comes with:
*24 Nails
*Pink Gel Glue
*Cuticle stick
*Adhevsive stickers

The nails come in different sizes to fit all nail sizes easily, which is pretty considerate keeping in mind all nail sizes. You get an option to pick between glue and sticky tabs. Those sticky tabs are really adhesive. It was lost when i first placed the sticker, didn't know where to peel, then i realized after pressing it on nails, white sticker comes off ,leaving transparent adhesive.
These nails were very simple and easy to apply and I did it with no mess at all. The glue comes in a small tube so is easy to apply to the natural nail and then just simply press the artificial nail on top and hold there for 5-10 seconds to secure into place.
Te removes these nails soak them into their special nail remover until the nails dissolve or if you can't find any of this soak in acetone. Don't break or peel of nails as this can ruin your natural nails.

( how cute is the blue star?)
I definitely wear these for a special occasion, such as a , party or hangout with friends.I haven't worn fake nails in a long time,i was little hesitant and nervous when i was putting them on, but after doing few nails, i was feeling like a pro.:) I have short nails and it gave me perfectly natural look.

You can get them from 

Visit fing'rs for more details and designs .

What do you think yay or nay?


  1. Ooo those actually look really good!

  2. To me these are a yay!! They look very pretty and real. :)

  3. God! These are so cute! & they look really nice :D

  4. Definitely Yay!!

    Soo cute and girly :-)

    I have never used artificial do u feel using your nails feel congested?

    These ones look too good

  5. They are super pretty and look bit better on fair hands:P


    they have different size to fir your nails perfectly. didnt suffocate my nails at all

  6. Yay!! Your nails look great!! ^^ And you mentioned me, awww.. that is so sweet of you.. :)
    I love the blue star very much.. cute! v(^_^)v

  7. I try many different artificial nails but whenever I try the ones you buy in the store they always come off the first day lol and I use TONS of glue. I know my sister uses the brand you're speaking of..

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  8. they look really beautiful! but i'm done with atrificial nails cause i have bad experience with them :D


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