Sunday, March 7, 2010

ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner in Black-Review

Website says:
Creates smooth lines that are defined and precise. Smudge-proof, budge-proof and water-resistant coverage for all day wear to combat against, sweat, tears and rain!
I got this in black from makeupmixshop for $3 and am now really tempted to get it in other colours as well.There are currently 4 shades in the line up: Coffee (medium brown), Black, Midnight (dark blue) and Ivory (off white )

(ELF Uk facebook fan page photo)

I love cream/gel liners. I already have Coastal scents gel liner and POP hotpot gel liner (both in black). My first time using it I found it to be creamy indeed. It applied like a dream! (I used my angled brush)
The packaging is also great, an easy screw top jar, very simple and practical.My first thoughts  on packaging were its a mini version of ELF HD powder. CUTE
  I feel like this is totally different from my pther gel liners perhaps thats why its called cream liner. Its creamy soft. Its not very pigmented ,so i make sure to use right brush for this cream liner, as soft brush wont pick up t he right amount ,Use an angled , or thicker eye liner  brush, as they grab more color.It's very easy to make winged eye liner, it just glides on the eye, i had absolute fun using it. I let it dry or set in for few minutes.
The Liner stays on all day although the color fades a tiny bit.

The amount they also give is fairly enough considering I don’t use it every day, but with this liner a little goes a long way, don't forget to keep it upside down so it doesn't dry out quickly.

I recommend this to those who doesn't want to spend the money on expensive cream eyeliners but try want the same quality. For the price , and quality I will definitely be repurchasing but i different shades most probably Ivory!

Which one of ELF Studio Cream Eyeliner shade is your favorite? Have you trued any already? what are your thoughts?



  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous. :)In fact, I guess you must pick the ivory and coffee as well. So lovely!! :)

  2. i got this for my bestie and she fell in love!
    plus its 3 dollars!

  3. @rati
    I am really really tempted to buy other shades,at the time of order coffee was out of stock, but its available now :D

    @ vanilla

    Yeah exactly its only $3. I mean its perfect for the price we pay and its so creammmyyyy. Yum

  4. I've been wondering about this. Thanks for the review! I'll have to pick one up!

  5. wow!!! great applied it so neatly.
    elf is making me go crazy and you too Sarah.. hehe.
    yesterday was checking their U.K and U.S based sites and none of them deliver to either India or U.A.E.
    i am dieing to get them.

  6. @ Ann
    Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.


    I know :( they don't deliver to pakistan as well, so masalashop was like God sent to me.they have same prices. Do check them out. If you do,don't forget to have a look at their brushes.sooo soft.

  7. i have all four =). i like how creamy they all are and i do look forward to using them properly =P. X

  8. Wow it loks great! N cheap too :)

  9. Looks awesome!
    Is it comparable to MAC or Bobbi Brown liners?
    Because that would be very impressive~ :D

  10. awesome review! i just got myself the wet n wild gel liner for $4 and it works like a charm too! :)

  11. So cool.. I love the coffee one :)

    & it looks real nice on you.. I hope the ELF counter in India is stocking this :D

  12. @ cynthia

    yeah nice and cheap ;)

    cant compare it with Bobbi or mac as i haven't tried any of these, whenever i go to buy mac fluid line they are always out :(


    cool. ;)

    @ tanveer
    Hope so , do you elf studio line products available in india?

  13. @Sarah: No, not studio line.. They have just launched the other normal one.. & they don't have these cream liners.. I was so :(. The SA said they are in the process of importing the range slowly depending on consumer response..

    I told her if they keep getting all old outdated prdts - they will never get a good response :P

  14. i'm on it! eyeliner is always annoying to apply, to me, but this looks like it may be a little easier to use.


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