Monday, March 1, 2010

Coastal Scents Diva Defense Primer-Review

Website:Start your beauty regimen with a flawless canvas! Our Diva Defense Primer helps to minimize the appearance of fine facial lines and pores. It provides staying power for your foundation and eye shadows; along with acting as a  defense against the daily stress of the environment.
Instantly smooth and perfect your skin's texture with our oil free mineral based primer prior to applying concealer and foundation.
This sheer lightweight powder is safe for use by all skin types, especially those with oily or mature skin. It Naturally provides a healing layer of minerals that also helps to reduce the appearance of rosacea and calms acne breakout.
Ingredients: Mica, Boron Nitride, Methicone, Silica Spheres, Titanium Dioxide
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I have recently found my love for mineral makeup, I am building my collection and finding new products and brands every day.I am loving the fact that mineral makeup are not harmful for my sensitive skin 
When i was checking out coastal scents and saw diva defense primer, I lingered over getting this product for a awhile. It took me some time well actually 2 days to decide whether to get it or not.

This is the first loose powder primer I've tried.The primer itself is fine and silky( if you have used ELF H.D powder you'll know what i am talking about). You can feel a real difference in your skin texture after applying.The primer itself is fine and silky.
When i got it I thought I would mostly use it under my mineral foundation, but then I decided to try it with liquid foundation.
Tip :please don't use a lot  Because it will leave your skin ghostly white if not used correctly!! 
 When I first used the diva defense powder as a primer (over moisturizer and under foundation)
Even in pictures, my skin just looks so smooth .It minimized my pores.
How to Use:
Method 1:(recommended)
Apply this powder evenly with a very good quality kabuki brush, and wait like few mins to let  this powder "set in"( about 1-2  minutes )before applying your foundation.I usually blend gently in circular motions. You only need a little bit of powder, a little goes a long way, the 30 gr sifter jar will last forever.
 My Preferred Method 2:
I apply my liquid  moisturizer and foundation as my usual routine and then I put it on top of liquid foundation as it acts as kind of a veil for me.I love taking my pictures and it made my pictures looks extra smooth and my face was had airbrushed look.

It blends with any skin color when used under makeup.I'm medium brown so I was little skeptical while applying it as its white but it blends in well with any skintone

You can buy it online from coastal scents  for $14.95/ 8 gm in 30 gr sifter jar and samples for $2 for 1/2 tsp

Have you tried it ? whats your preferred method of using diva defense primer?

UPDATE:i am spending whole Monday with my grandma so when i come bac i will sort out all entries and announce the winner.Good luck darlings

Disclaimer: Coastal Scents send me a voucher and i chose my own products with that, I picked all the products out myself and my reviews aren't not being paid for or influenced by any of that


  1. It would have been cool too see a pic of you with it on over your makeup vs under...

    Makeup by Kim Porter

  2. Hi Kim! thanks for suggestiong i had this in my mind too that it would be better to update a pic but was too lazy to take one :D, i will defo do it as soon as possible.

  3. i've heard reviews about the CS primer, it looks lik the MUFE primer, I wonder if they are similar? Thanks for the review though! <3 always love reading your stuff

  4. Hi, meself from karachi, I wanted to know if i order online how much shipment charges are applied? hope u will reply back, my email id is, i would have given u my blog id or whatever it is called but I first i need to find myself how it works :-). thanks


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