Monday, March 8, 2010

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation-Review


  This new foundation from Bourjois leaves your skin looking toned, radiant and healthy skin with a flawless matte finish. Available in eight shades, ingredients include anti-dull complexion pigments and fruit-based active ingredients, including melon for moisturizing, apricot for radiance, ginger for tonicity and anti-oxidant apple.The foundation is oil free, promises to hydrate ,it  provides a semi-matte finish and up to 16 hrs coverage.
 As requested, here is the full review of the new Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation which i got last week when my cousin send me few makeup from UK as bourjois isn't available in Pakistan(BOO!) , even though i originally asked her to buy Revlon photo ready but that was not in shops yet even though its on the boots website.
My skin is pretty dry and i have few dry patches, dark spots esp on right  left cheek, in photograph below , I tested it by applying on my problematic left side.It is medium coverage which is enough for me as i but not so great for very blemished or scarred skin. It is Good if you're looking for natural coverage.It blends easily,Only two small pumps provide plenty to do my face, neck and ehm decolletage.and  Yes! the foundation has a pump which is of  good quality and its very easy to apply.

It has a semi-matte dewy finish.I have a bit of an oily T zone and i live in Pakistan , and it gets really ,REALLY hot and sweaty in summer so my T zone get oily so prefer setting  it with some powder but those with normal skin looking for a gorgeous radiant finish ,this is the right product for you.It makes skin feel radiant ,supple and soft but it has tendency to get a bit shiny/oily on combination and/or oily skin. 

did you see how my spot/pores are less visible(not completely gone-Hence medium coverage it is. )

It smells gorgeous, it has a lovely fruity scent, It has a fresh apple/apricoty/melon type scent. I loved it

Have you tried this foundation? What is your experinece ?


  1. Hiya, great review! I've tried this foundation too. I loved how it gave my skin a nice dewy look, and it didn't irritate my sensitive skin.

  2. thanks Penelope, i have sensitive skin too and i was glad it didn't irritate mine as well :)

  3. Wow..

    Nice review..sounds good..

  4. I'd like to try them. the cover looks yummy^^
    but i don't think they have the products in SE Asia. :(

  5. I love the ad for this, it's really cute :) I've never tried this, but the fruity smell sounds really nice. I have tried the new revlon photo ready though, and I'm in love with it! xo

  6. I was so wanting a review for this one and I am glad it came from you. I think now I would easily give it a try. Thankies. :)

  7. looks like it gives very natural coverage! and i love the ad :) thanks for the review!

  8. Thanks for the review Sarah...I like the sound of fruity scent :). Can't wait for it to be launched here!

  9. Hey Sarah! I have a simple giveaway going on in my blog and it's international!

    Anyways, I've never tried that foundation but I usually get break outs from Bourjois before, you know the one that had a brush attached? :|

  10. Hi Sarah, how are you? This foundation looks great, even though I do have problem areas I prefer going with a medium coverage foundation since full coverage ones feel so much heavier! Great review =)

  11. I have been wanting to lay my hands on this since it launched.. but it hasn't reached the shores of Mumbai yet :P..

    Waiting very patiently for it :)

  12. I love the after pic and how it blends so nicely into your skin, Sarah. :D Sephora here used to sell Bourjois but not anymore. Boo. How sweet of your cousin to send it to you!

    P.S Thank you for joining my giveaway! Love your blog. Am following you! :D

  13. thanks girls.its my new fav foundation, perfect for natural coverage.:)

    giveaway? international? you got my attention already :)

  14. it looks great on you.. wow! and I'm curious about its fruity scent! :)
    but sad news to me, this foundation has not yet launched in Indonesia.. *sigh*


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