Monday, March 29, 2010

Benefit's Sugarbomb-Review

Sugar Bomb
   "sugar rush flush" face powder

why we love it:
Swirl the 4 flattering shades of peach, soft plum, shimmering pink and rose powders together and sweep on cheeks for a sweet rush of gorgeous. what else you need to know: Complete with soft, natural-bristle flush brush.

How To apply:
For a pop of color, swirl these shades together then sweep on cheeks & face. Mmm...

Glossicious says:

I fell in love with sugar bomb the moment i saw it on someone's blog and my heart knew that very instance i have to have it.There are 4 colors in this blush. Rose, pale pink, pale plum, and pale peach. This is half blush, half highlighter, because it’s not very pigmented and in my NC3O skin tone ,its shows up very smooth and its just gives the right amount of GLOW.
I personally was hoping sugar-bomb to be a bright pink blush. I really have to sweep madly to get this shimmery pink sheen. Basically very low pigmentation.

(Click on image to enlarge)

The scent is nice, i make sure to sniff it before start applying , but smell fades away quickly,Sugar bomb's texture is smooth ,soft and build able
Sugar bomb is quite sheer, it takes few solid sweeps for color to show up , regarding the glow .Glow is pretty subtle.It doesn't look so made up,
If my face is looking dull i just sweep some on face, forehead, chin.
You can always use more of one color instead of swirling them all onto your brush instead of swirling these 4 shades together

Packaging is as always adorable, Benefit never fails to impress with it.
It comes with a small brush, which i dont use, its bristles are bit to harsh for my sensitive skin

I purchased it from Here for $ 28 

Its great if you're looking for something muted to highlight your cheeks with a little hint of color Its not bright,i am warning you, if you have a medium to dark skin tone but very pretty and flattering as a highlight nonetheless

Do you own sugar bomb? what you say? love it or hate it? 
let me know


  1. I quite like Benefits powders. I havt got this one yet, but I need subtle glow products because I am really pale, and anything else makes me look very odd! Thanks for this!
    Emma :)

  2. @biba
    indeed it looks pretty

    @ emma
    i love benefit products, i am utterly in love with Dallas, its my HG blush/bronzer.
    have you tried that.?

  3. Aww...everybody has it! And I have to wait sill. It looks so gorgeous. Ur right Benefit packaging never fails to impress. How much was shipping to Pak?


  4. Cynthia I think it was $12 or so but my order was above $85 so I got free shipping + free samples :p

  5. I don't own it, but would love to. I love such subtle looking beauties :-)

  6. I need to get myself some benefit blushes!! they are amazing

  7. Love it and want it so badly...


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