Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wallet Worthing Wowing

Been pining for the perfect wallet for years and yes search is still on, i came across this pretty ANA SUI wallet. i have been seaching for perfect wallet for years  i have had or seen some really pretty ones but they all miss one or more of my criteria . 
i saw this on YESSTYLE website on sale for US$28.00 only.

YesStyle has a HUGE variety of Asian brands and products not only beauty they have Designer Labels,Jewelry, Bags and cute Women clothes, i loved few pieves like Wrap-Front Rhinestone Sleeveless Top

Long-Sleeve "Cat" Print Top
 One thing made me really happy is that they have plus sizes available if you are a curvey woman like me :)usually Asian stores doesnt have this option :/

 They have seasonal sale going on, so do check them out 

and how can i NOT check theit beauty section???if you are on Asian or International  products hunt like Skin79 ,SK-II,Missha,Laura MercierYves Saint Laurent,Philosophy,The Face Shop and many more , so this website is worth checking out
currently they are having 20% off on Shiseido skincare.
and pssst, add 'TWITTER5' when making your purchase and they 'll give you 5 USD off, no minimum charge required!
I am literally oohhing and ahhing for some BB creams  and some asian face masks like beauty dairy  but i must take pity on my credit card after this benefit order, i mustn't place another order, better i dont need a new product.*sighs* whom am i can i resist BB Cream Miniature Set (Black)?? Kill my lemming.KILL IT ..I  TELL YA.. KILL IT

So Have you found your Perfect wallet yet?


  1. Cute! Gonna check out the site. I love my Nine West rose gold wallet..but I want variety :). As for BB creams, I love the Skin Food Mushroom one. I got a small sample tube of Etude House Precious Mineral...but have not used it...hmm..Maybe I should compare them

  2. waahh cute wallet.GOTTA check the sale out and WOOT WOOT 5$ off..

  3. cynthia, do the comparison pleasee, i so wanna buy the BB creams , and i m so confused, i will check if we have etude house ones available locally ? Do review both :D

  4. @xdollX

    isnt she a beauty? love the classic look of wallet

  5. omg this is gorgeous! i want it! *googles*

    =D xxx

  6. Do they have it in pink and white? Wish they have *fingers crossed*

  7. lahhveeee the pink shirt. so kawaii

  8. wallet is lovely. am i wil defo check the site. thansk for sharing ;)

  9. @pinkblush
    indeed they do :)
    i checked their shipping FAQ
    here you go


    its gorgeous,i wantsss

  10. BB Creams are worth every penny though :P I've been using Perfect Cover BB Cream lately & I loooove it! (:

  11. hi susie. welcome to glossicious:)))
    i will check perfect cover BB cream for sure :)

  12. hey! i actually own this 'wallet' already, just to let you know, it was a free gift with a japanese magazine. it doesn't have a coin compartment or anything, and the magazine only cost me about US$12!

  13. hi feeyona! i am officially jealous now :)


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥