Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday's Mail: Coastal Scents / Orglamix Fig

Now i can relax, i have been waiting for this package for like a week or 10 days .. err it was shipped on january 25th. I am really thank full to my postman that this time he rang the bell and handed over the package instead of throwing it inside the gate as always. do you think the word FRAGILE on the package has to do something with this kind gesture?? 
Everything was wrapped in this very cute wrapping paper with red hearts( awww made me  soo mushy after all valentines is around the corner),It was carefully and nicely wrapped in bubble wrap.

Okay so here its what i ordered From Coastal Scents 

True Black Gel Liner 

    Foundation Concealer Brush Large

    Synthetic Concealer Shading Brush

    Diva Defense Primer

    Undercover HD Foundation ST-05

    Chisel Fluff Large Shadow Brush

    Synthetic Shadow Brush

    Italian Badger Angle Blush

    Out Back Eye Shadow sample


(L to R)
Chisel Fluff Large Shadow Brush

*there were no labels on nxst two brushes so i had to check coastal scents website and confirm

Synthetic Concealer Shading Brush 
Synthetic Shadow Brush

Italian Badger Angle Blush( original price $14.99   But its on sale too $6.99 pretty amazzing right?)

Foundation Concealer Brush Large $14.95  got on sale its on sale $5.99


 Diva Defense Primer ( Really excited to try this one as it Helps to minimize fine facial lines and pores, provides longer staying power for your foundation)
True Black Gel Liner 
 Out Back Eye Shadow sample (Pearlescent with slight shimmer brown shade of mineral shadow, great for the crease line)
Look how cute was this packaging ??  they come in White  feather trimmed gift bag.


Undercover HD Foundation ST-05 

okay now here i must say , it was the hardest thing to choose, as i have read soooo many good and bad reviews that i was confused , but after 4 days of hard work( i.e was to put in basket and then delete , then again put it back ) i decided to order it , now came the more HARDEST part : to choose shade, it took me another day to choose shade, i went through so many blog reviews and swatches and still couldn't make my mind, but reviews on coastal scents actually helped me when i read that ST-05 is match to MAC NC 30 , so i took the rick and ordered it.
I am glad to announce that color is perfect so far, i swtached it on back of my hand, so will review the foundation later. 

I took part in  wishfulnals Orglamix giveaway and won( so unlikely ) so i chose Fig , i got this eyeshadow in 5 days , cheri is so quick and loved the packaging , it came in black satin pouch.
Color is gorgeousss..PURPLEE.



If you want to win some orglamix Mineral eye shadows too Don't forget to enter in my giveaway Here

So Lovlies here is the lastest package, soo happy cant wait to try all these  products, Saturday is kinda my mail day like  last saturday i got sassy minerals package. Should i expect another package next Saturday?
maybe ?? who knows? Right?

Did you get any exciting packages lately???



Disclaimer: Coastal Ssents send me a voucher and i chose my own products with that, I picked all the products out myself and my reviews will not be paid for or influenced by any of that.


  1. great haul! i did get some packages in the mail! one from canada and i was so happy!

  2. @pixie

    they seem soft and good so far :)

    @ Y

    :) i agree they make us happpy

  3. Fab stuff! The brushes look great. Ya it must be really hard to pick foundation shades online...but I'm glad it matches u girl.

  4. How do you like their brushes? I just ordered some.

  5. fab post. will check them out x

    Don’t forget to check out my valentines giveaway!

  6. @ cynthia

    yup i wore it today and its a good match :D so happpyy


    i havent tried all brushes yet but Italian Badger Angle Blush is great for contouring , my face is kinda big for this brush , its soft , did fab job for contour.what brushes you getting??

    @ missy

    thanks missy will check out :)


    nice haul!
    I've been wanting to try those synthetic shader brushes, let me know how they are :). I have the italian badger angle brush & it's great for precise contouring.

  8. Great buys :)

    Lots of love,

  9. wow! what a haul! specially the brushe look nice and soft. :)

  10. @JL ♪ GiLiNG

    sure i will post my views when i try these brushes . italian badger angled brush is my fav right now, its my must have :P


    thanks :))

    these brushes ARE soft, i am loving them so far


♥ I appreciate all your comments.I'll surely get back to your blog :)♥