Thursday, February 4, 2010

Sassy Minerals Eye Candy:Review

I decided to wait until I had time to swatch the colours before I wrote the review of my Sassy Minerals since i did my last post on sassy minerals package i got.
 You can read details here.

The sample sizes are very generous and come in a jar with no sifter. They were each sealed with a little plastic wrap and each has a sticker on the top with the color name and what it is like if they are liner,shimmer,blush etc, .my postman usually throws the packages inside the gate which worries me sometimes OH GOD please save my coastal scents HD foundation so packaging is extremely important to me when ordering internationally, Sassy minerals package showed how they took time in packaging, not fancy but practical.Loved it

The website is extremely easy to navigate and shows the last viewed colours which is really helpful if like me you.
 Each category has several finishes like in eyeshadow we get  Shimmery ,Deja Vu or Silk Luster, which is more of a muted almost matte finish.



Each color is photographed in a jar,but trust me they look better.. way better in real life, photographs didn't capture the real beauty on website.
Their prices seem really competitive, shadows are 4.25$ and samples are .75$ and come in a little sealed jar.
The samples came in little 3gram jars with the little domed false bottoms.
ingredients, Sassy Mineral eyeshadows contains few ingredients, which would make every mineral purist like me happy: Ingredients: Iron Oxides, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Silica, Tin Oxide
Sassy Minerals sell a variety of products,  face powders, blushes, shadows, and soon they’ll be adding lip glosses,lipsticks,brushes and the like. 

My skin is very sensitive, and its tendency to break out is directly proportional to the number of ingredients in the foundation, especially when parabens and non-natural ingredients are added.
I'll definitely come back for more! Love the jars and great color choice, you can choose colors from everyday look to smoky and funky looks.I love the pigmentation and depth of these colors. You can build them as you desire.They look stunning on eyes.I am glad that fallout ratio wasn't a problem either although i faced some while using fierce, but all was gone after a sweep of brush

My sassy mail had :

1-Neutral Medium first base foundation
2-Curiosity blush
3-first base Sassy Flash Finish Medium
4-first base Sassy Finisher Medium
5-Sassy Minerals Eye Candy Liner Galaxy
6-Eye Candy Shimmers Ruby slippers
7-Sassy Minerals Pigment Lyrical
8-Eye Candy Shimmers Practically Perfect
9-Eye Candy Shimmers Fierce
10-Sassy Minerals Eye Candy Liner Gasoline Rainbow
11-Sassy Minerals Eye Candy Liner  Sorceress
12-Sassy Minerals Eye Candy Shimmer dance in the rain
13- Sassy Minerals Eye Candy Liner exile 
14-Eye Candy Shimmers after party
           15-Eye Candy Shimmers  forget about it

I would be doing eyeshadow and liners swatched in this post , i will do separate post on foundations+finish+blush+


(L to Right)

After Party -Intense sparkling smoky gold with flashes of copper. Also makes an excellent line
Dance In the Rain: Antique silver Grey
Lyrical: Deep smoky green with intense green and aqua sparkle 
Exile:Smoky grape 
Ruby slipper:Ruby red with loads of Pink and ruby sparkle  
Bottom Line 
(L to R)

Sorceress:Smoky green teal 
Perfectly Perfect:Rich Golden brown 
 Forget About It :Bold sage green ( kind of apple green)
Fierce:Smoky grey with red and blue sparkles ( Its more of purple rather than grey absolute stunning)


(Natural Day Light)

Sassy Minerals Eye Candy Liner Galaxy/Sassy Minerals Eye Candy Liner Gasoline Rainbow

Gasoline Rainbow It is one of the best mineral liners I've tried because the color is gorgeous. It's a smooth black with rainbow sparkles, Breath taking pretty! you can read sirvinya's detailed review here
Galaxy : is Smooth black  , swathed dry , it looked dark charcoal grey but it looks beautiful and deep black once its used wet.


(Natural day light)

Thank you Sassy Minerals Team for the wonderful review opportunity.
Disclaimer:I was sent these by sassy minerals. I was not paid to do this review.

Which are your favourite  Sassy Minerals colours?

Any other colorsi should be tryin??


  1. wow these look so pretty. thanks for the swatches.

  2. they look fab in real. stunning colors. wil post a EOTD soon.:)

  3. Never tried pigments, you are tempting me to try them now. :)

  4. you should give pigments a try, color come out is gorgeous and they are sooooo pigmented, although i am still learning the tricks to apply them :/


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