Friday, February 12, 2010

Rimmel London’s Lash Maxxx mascara-Review

Rimmel London’s Lash Maxxx mascara

websites says :

3 x Lash Multiplying effect mascara with breakthough zero clump applicator. Precision wand captures and coats every lash. For a feathery, flirty lash look. Blow them away!


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Its available in two colors
. black and brown

Rimmel London’s Lash Maxxx mascara great because the little comb helps you really sculpt your eyelashes how you want them, But doesn't give drama to eyes, so if you are looking for natural , some how thick ,separated lashes, This mascara might suit your taste.
I reach for this mascara on "natural days", but for more drama, I will still go with my bourjois volume clubbing mascara.

In the picture below , i gave my lashes multiple coats , lets 4-5 , and separated them , before and after lashed both are curled using ordinary rubbery cheap curler.Thats the only one i own :(

I loved the this mascara ,because it gave my such sleepy eye(lash) look, they weren't to obvious in real, but look how adorable they look in the pictures below.
how i use this::  easiest way to apply it is to wipe the flat, solid edge of the wand across my lashes to add the mascara onto them.  Then I use the comb with the closely spaced teeth separate my lashes and distribute the mascara.  The result is perfectly coated and separated lashes without clumps or lashes that are stuck together. 

It also works great on my tiny lower lashes.( i am not using any in the pic) As for the thickening factor? Well let’s just say this  it lengthens more than it thickens as you can see above, hardly got any thickness.little brush doesn't dispense enough product to create knock-out lashes.
The packaging is adorable, both super feminine and high fashion at once 

who can resist the hot pink + black packaging – that is just way too sexy!?? Isnt it?

would you buy this mascara?


  1. I personally didn't like this mascara
    It didn't my lashes very thick
    (: Great review sweetie xx

  2. thanks schnella, i didnt make my lashes thick either :(

  3. i used to love this mascara! but then i always prefer comb wands over traditional brush types =D

    fab review! xxx


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